Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Loving Pastoral Care

The people of our parish more than make up for the bleakness of the landscape these days.  

We came home to a raft of "welcome home" emails, a couple of phone messages and good news that we may have a new couple coming to the church while they are in the area over the next year.  A couple of local pastors have also called my husband to see how he is doing since his time away.  He had a nice visit with a couple of parishioners in the church hall today while there was some decorating going on for our upcoming spaghetti supper.  

My husband had quite a scare though this morning, courtesy of myself. I wasn't doing my end of the pastoral care, haha.  I had a requisition for an ECG pinned to my bulletin board that has been there for a couple of months.  It was to be done this month a couple of weeks prior to my next quarterly diabetes tests.  My husband was still sleeping when I called the hospital to make the appointment.  He was still sleeping as I rushed to get ready for an immediate ECG as the lab was not busy this morning.  I quickly penned him a note that I was at the hospital having the test and would be home as soon as possible.  

Well, my dear husband had forgotten that an ECG baseline was even in the works for me.  He woke up at 11am...a GREAT night's sleep for him....called out to me and when I didn't show up to greet him, he wandered out to the kitchen.  He found my note right away and went into an absolute panic....what ECG was I talking about?  Had I awakened and thought I was having a heart attack?  Did he sleep through the arrival of an ambulance?  Why would I take the car and drive myself to the hospital if I was having chest pains?  What should he do?  Should he call the hospital? Should he call the clinic? Should he quickly dress and race over to emergency on foot?  Were the tires on his bicycle inflated for a quick ride there?  Fortunately about the time he was deciding he had better get himself to emergency, I arrived home.  The poor man was still half asleep and in quite a state.  Oh dear....I felt SO badly for not making my hastily written note more detailed with a reminder that this was a test that was requisitioned back in March!

He went to sit down, shaking with relief. hahaha  Poor guy!  The chair he sat in happened to be my desk chair, so he was looking at my computer and decided that rather than get up again, he would update various programmes and install a better back up programme etc. for me.  How kind is that after I scared him nearly to death?

I rewarded him with a truly international style lunch!! haha  On his plate was some Cypriot style pita bread he brought back from Vancouver, an Italian style pizza he had made up in the city on our way home on Sunday, some locally grown red pepper and celery and some Indian jasmine rice and chicken korma left from our dinner at one of the towns we drove through on our way back here. He thoroughly enjoyed it. haha  I enjoyed watching him enjoy it as I returned to my usual lunch of a sandwich, salad, fruit yogurt and carbinated water.  My sodium and fats are back on track after 8 days of YUMMY! haha

Ran into a couple of parishioners while I was taking my, hopefully now daily, minimum 1 km afternoon walk.  It was so nice to be greeted so cheerily and to have people interested in what we did in Vancouver and how our son is faring.  It was good to get caught up on their news...it is amazing, isn't it, how many things can happen to people in one week's time.

So we feel very welcomed home.  We are over the shock of the change of landscape and praying hard for our farmers to be able to get some kind of crop planted this year......although with the port strikes, trucking problems etc. this winter, there is far too much grain still in storage from last year. 

My husband returns to work full time tomorrow with a combined Anglican/Lutheran communion service at the seniors' lodge, a hospital visit and a catchup on administrative duties that accumulated last week.  He is still tired but feeling so much better than he was before he got his injections.  Life is good again.


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