Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Husband's Turn

By noon yesterday it was becoming apparent that my husband was being attacked with this 'flu' as quickly and completely as I have been.  So, by 2pm he had excused himself from doing any more work on the church fundraising dinner and by 5pm had other plans in place (we hope, anyway) for 2 services he was to do today.  I feel so badly for him.  He just started to recover from months of  inadequate B12 and now he has the same darned 'flu' I have.  

Well, this too shall pass.  It is certainly enforcing some rest after our first few days home post-vacation.  There is something good about that part of it.

A cheery phone call from our son this morning certainly brightened our day.  He was visiting with his favourite barista until it was time to catch the train to church with another good friend.  He is so rarely able to get to church with any consistency and it was nice to know he feels sufficiently caught up now on his school work to take the time to be with other believers and hear an apparently excellent sermon on Romans 12.  The chapter reinforces some ideas his dad had given him for the next time he gets "painters' block"; ideas about taking time to praise God for all the good things of the day instead of focusing on the frustration of the blockage.

Hearing our son sounding so bright and cheerful this morning gave us a great attitude toward the rest of the day even though we continued to feel rather tough.  Although I finally slept well last night for the first night in the past several, I was so exhausted and my blood pressure still so low that I barely got out of bed until a few minutes ago.  My husband decided to have his own sneak out for 15 minutes this afternoon to drive to the grocery store for milk and orange juice, as well as set up some new feed and water for the birds.  He knows that his roughest nights may be tonight or tomorrow night.

Dinner tasted so good today.  It was simple: whole wheat pitas with a scoop of last night's spaghetti sauce and some grated cheese for a baked instant pizza, along with large handsful of chopped lettuce, also left over from last night, droozled with Rozendal vinegar and Oliv balsamic. Such simple fare and so delicious. The sauce is the one my husband made originally for the fundraiser before he became ill so I knew it would be really tasty and it was.

I am leaving out 1 to 1.5. carbohydrate units out of each meal until I am well, in order to keep my blood sugars where they need to be.  So far it is working well after a couple of scary days before I clued in to that need for change.  Being ill seems to addle my ability to make decisions as badly as it addles my body! BUT when I thought I was going to faint again this afternoon, I actually remembered what to do and in a short time the feeling passed.  I sucked on a couple of very salty crackers....I am wondering if my campaign against excess sodium is actually working a bit too well.....must discuss it with the doctor again.

Here's to a brighter, healthier day tomorrow!

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