Friday, May 9, 2014

Oooh, My Aching Sinuses.....

I felt kind of lousy yesterday. By bedtime I knew I had the 'flu'.  After a rough night, I stayed in bed for most of the morning.  I don't have the tossing  up my cookies kind of 'flu'; it is the dry cough and aching muscle kind, with a side order of slightly upset tummy.

A couple of hours ago I realized I am starting to get a possible cold as well.  I wasn't able to do one thing to help our ACW prepare for the big spaghetti dinner fundraiser tomorrow evening.  I won't even be attending the big spaghetti dinner fundraiser tomorrow evening.  Drat!

Worse even that that, I have just emailed our friends who were coming to spend Sunday and Monday with us to let them know we will have to postpone the visit.  Double drat!!

Just now my husband came in from the church kitchen to let me know he has developed the telltale "almost a headache" symptom that I had a couple of days before this illness hit me.  Praying he can get through the next 2 days of services and fundraisers and funeral planning with a church family before he succumbs to this miserable 'flu'.  

My poor husband....just as his Vitamin B12 has been starting to work for him to restore his energy I spread my 'flu' to him. Triple drat!!!

Well, that is life for everyone on planet earth.  We are not exempt from illnesses just because we don't have time to be ill. No one is.

Hopefully we will both be better soon.  Wow....I have been sitting up for all of 3 minutes typing this post and I need to go and lie down again.  Yikes....I am not a good patient....too impatient to be back on my feet and racing about.  

(I admit that earlier this afternoon I sneaked some clothes into the bathroom, got dressed and wrapped up in my warm coat to drive down to the post office for the mail and to send away some sympathy of another death today...sigh....  My husband has no idea I did that and I'm not going to tell him!)

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