Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Returning to the City on a "Colder Than Clash" Day

My husband's carefully constructed week for returning to work has been blown apart quite effectively with the addition of 2 more parishioners being admitted to hospital in the city.  Off we go this afternoon to visit them and try to offer some comfort.  One has a broken hip and one has an ailment that has not been disclosed, so we are not sure what we will find when we arrive.  We feel so badly for both of these dear folk.  They have all ready suffered their share of loss in the past couple of years and now have serious health issues to deal with. Administrative duties are going to have to wait one more day to be dealt with while we do the "real" ministry of visiting parishioners we have come to love dearly.  There is something special going on spiritually when ministers are able to fulfill the call they felt before they became ordained and not be tangled up in the other details also required to do the job.  We are looking forward to this unexpected day of visits.

It was -5C when I woke up this morning around 6:45am.  It must have been quite a bit colder earlier in the morning because the watering trough for the birds was completely frozen over and is only now, 3 hours later, starting to thaw a bit in the morning sun.  I woke up at some point during my sleep to get another blanket. Brrrr.....  As my mother would say, "It is colder than clash out there".  

My mother has quite an arsenal of unfathomable expressions that she inherited from her mother, "colder than clash" being one of them.  I have NO idea what "clash" is.  Is it the name of a place, the name of some kind of cold food no longer in popular consumption?  I haven't a clue.  Another of her faves is "blacker than billy-o".  What on earth does that mean??  What or who is a "billy-o"?  I do understand the biblical reference to "older than Methuselah", but the other 2 expressions make no sense to me at all.  Is there anyone out there who can enlighten me as to their origins?

I am attempting to do as many loads of laundry as I can before we have to leave for our 2 hour drive to the city.  Today was to be washing and ironing day, tomorrow was to be yard clean up day and then Friday and Saturday cleaning days to be prepared for our company arriving on Sunday.  The joy is that I have both the mental and physical energy to revamp my plans and work it all in around this city trip.  A year ago such a change would have deflated me like a popped balloon and I wouldn't  have been able to accomplish all my tasks just because of losing a half day to do something unexpected.  It feels good to feel good! (or, "well" as the case may be) 


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