Saturday, May 10, 2014

The BAD Method of Fainting!

I haven't fainted since I was 15 years old.  Unfortunately I did faint again this morning and for the same reason: serious respiratory infection resulting in virtually no sleep over night and a resulting drop in blood pressure when I finally got out of bed to make breakfast.

Here is what I did wrong today:  instead of accepting the fact that I was likely going to faint and sitting down on the floor with my hands over my head, or sliding into the nearest chair and putting my head between my knees, first I was in denial and then I panicked.  I was a bit faint yesterday morning as well but overcame it nicely and assumed I could again today.  Wrong!  I decided to try to head back to bed, 3 rooms away from the kitchen, way too far away when I was that light headed.  Instead of abandoning my breakfast attempts on the kitchen counter, for some reason I grabbed a full glass of milk, a nectarine and a bowl of cereal and tried to take all those things with me to bed.  Duh!!

I don't remember how I got from the kitchen to the door frame just outside my bedroom.  I do remember the feeling of careening into the door frame and smashing my face and one foot against the wood.  The next thing I remember is "coming to" on the bedroom carpet, less than 2 feet from my bed, milk and cereal, mashed nectarine and dishes scattered everywhere.  My clothes were soaked with milk and cereal crumbs, there was a spray of milk all over the side of my file cabinet in the office beside the bedroom, my toe was aching badly because I broke it when I hit the door frame and my glasses were all scratched and wonky on my face.  4 hours later my poor toe is still very swollen and red, my face aches and there are beautiful blue bruises appearing on one leg.

My husband was in another room when I fainted.  He heard 2 big bangs, one when I hit the door and one when I landed on the floor.  He so patiently helped me strip off my sodden nightwear and got me into bed.  Then he cleaned up all my mess and brought me breakfast in bed.  How do people who live alone cope with illnesses like this?

The poor man is also coming down with whatever this is.  He is a couple of days behind me with his symptoms so we will try to get ourselves to the doctor on Monday and get some help.

Don't know if we picked this up on the airplane when we were away or at the ordination just before we left or where exactly it found us, but we need to get some help and get over it. Next time I feel so faint I WILL do the right thing so as not to have a repeat of this morning's silliness.

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