Thursday, June 5, 2014

An Old Fashioned "Praise the Lord, Hallelujah!" Kind of Day

Today is the kind of day that makes all the dietary and exercise changes, the struggle to research and reduce sodium intake and the constant blood pressure monitoring, worth every bit of time and effort.

Just returned from my 6 month check up with the doctor and everything in my medical chart has changed for the better since the diabetes diagnosis and all the changes I have made to gain control of it.  Even my ECG came back with good results, heart murmur and all.  I am so relieved that right now I am pretty close to tears of gratitude.

To see my doctor so pleased with the results that she kept a copy of all the charting I did at home, of my sodium research project and the chart of the drop in my blood sugar numbers, pleased me as well and has encouraged me to not give up my vigilance in keeping control of this disease for as long as possible.

She admitted she had been prepared to put me on metformin and blood pressure meds today, prior to receiving my lab test results, but now thinks it could be 2 to 5 years before I need to worry about those, depending of course on the rate of natural progression of the disease.  As she said, a rise in numbers that require meds is not a failure on my part, it is simply what will happen at some point down the road, but it has been delayed for now.  Whew!!!

She told me that if I was a kindergarten aged kid she would give me a gold star. hahahaha  

Aside from the obvious  joy that comes with good medical news, the other positive side effect is the joy I feel for finally, FINALLY, having my ability to focus and to achieve good long term results on a specific project, in this case my health, recognized and appreciated.  It seems in the past decade that I have been involved in various circumstances where excellence is not only unappreciated, it isn't even wanted!  Today it was like receiving permission to be myself again, to be who I am and be happy to be that way no matter how anal it appears to others.  This has taken a huge burden off my mind.

So, I am having a grand day today.  My A1C results show it has come down another tenth of a point, but I am most delighted about the normal results for my liver and cholesterol.  

After today's meeting with the doctor I am well motivated to continue on this good path to better health.

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chris e. said...

Good for you!!!