Thursday, June 12, 2014

Another Cold

Yesterday I realized I was feeling unnaturally tired.  I told my husband I was concerned that it could mean another cold coming on, or perhaps just another bad reaction to the farm chemical sprays around here.  

Another clue that I may be fighting a cold was the complete inability to get to sleep last night. Admittedly I was up until after midnight making potato salad for the fund raiser luncheon today, but was after 2am before I fell asleep.

The exhaustion continued this morning.  I was so grateful that my assigned job for the luncheon was to sit at the door and take the money from and the count of our visitors.  I couldn't get going in the morning fast enough to get into the kitchen and help our very overworked ACW ladies, so settled for helping a bit with the clean up afterward before going grocery shopping and then having a nap in front of the tv.

Now it is just after 10pm and I am bagged, just bagged.  I have menthol rub on my neck and a bandana tied around it, menthol vapours up my sinuses, a clean nightgown on and a heavy terry towel robe to stay warm.  The terry towel robe necessity on a lovely spring evening is a dead giveaway that I am fighting another respiratory problem.

So tonight I am feeling sorry for myself.  Another possible cold or at best a serious allergic reaction to the rural dusts and sprays, a badly cut finger and extreme tiredness are making me sad.  

I have been feeling sad and sorry for myself for the past hour. 

So, that is enough of that now. 

Is there anything more boring than feeling sorry for oneself? An hour or 2 at a time is all I personally can manage. 

Now it is time to take action: going to bed this early to read until I fall asleep is a good thing to do.  My book is funny and will rescue me from the doldrums.  There, it is working just thinking about it!

Feeling sorry for myself....baaaaad!
Moving past it to enjoy an evening of good reading...goood!

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