Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Apparently I Am Too Excited to Sleep

All my socializing of the past few days has me rather geared up and after about 2 hours of sleep overnight, it is now 5:30am and I have given up trying to get any more.  It  has been a lovely couple of days here for me.

Sunday I went with another friend from church to a different church, where she introduced me to good friends of hers: visiting missionaries from Romania.  They are the most genuine, sincere, loving and amazing missionary couple I think I have ever met.  They are late bloomers to the mission field, going over there at the age of 50.  They build houses for impoverished seniors, feed the many poor folk in their village and generally dispense the love of Christ in daily practical ways.  I have not been cognizant of the facts of life in that country and am horrified by my own ignorance of the plight of the people there.  My husband and I have been praying for a new overseas mission to begin supporting more regularly and I think we have found it.  These missionaries and the people of Romania have been stuck firmly in my mind and heart since the weekend.  

Sunday evening some good friends from seminary days arrived.  We got to spend all day yesterday together and they have changed their plans from leaving yesterday afternoon to leaving today instead.  How wonderful to have an extra day together.  It has been wonderful!!

There are more exciting events coming up at the end of the week as well...since I am not sure what kind of news I am going to get from my doctor on Thursday it is so great to have something fun to look forward to on Friday!

The only problem, the one I always have when so many good things are going on, is that my ability to sleep at night completely disappears.  I didn't fall asleep until after 1am then woke up before 3:30am and that was the end of sleep for me!  I am getting my hair cut this morning and suspect that I will fall asleep while the stylist is washing my hair in that nice warm water.  So grateful for afternoon nap time as I know I will be having one today!! 

So grateful to God that so many good things, social things, have been going on lately.  There is nothing like having friends to make life very good indeed.

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