Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Are You Part of a Special Interest Group? Just For Today, I Don't Want To Hear About It....OK?

I realized this morning as I read yet another newspaper article and received yet another phone call about one special interest group accusing another special interest group of being prejudiced against them and calling for the government to stop the perceived intolerance of Group 2 toward Group 1, that I am sick to death of all the arguing.

The hypocrisy of Group 1 being as blatantly intolerant of Group 2 as they are accusing Group 2 of being toward them seems to raise no flags amongst government leaders or media reporters, seems to be completely ignored or even championed by them.

Oooooh, and should Group 2 either be, or be perceived to be, some kind of religious group....ooooh, wow, now the entire world can be encouraged to be as intolerant of them as they want to be.  Oooooh yes, let's get all the religious people and grind them into the dust.

I understand that if people in a special interest group have been misunderstood and/or mistreated for a long time and finally have their chance to be socially accepted, or legislated in favour of, or what have you, the initial temptation is to go somewhat overboard in flaunting their new legal or social rights.  What annoys me is how the media jumps immediately onto the bandwagon, their flaming ignorance of the issues displayed for the entire world to see and add joyfully to what amounts to "reverse persecution".

There, there, little special interest Group 1, you have been mistreated so now you have the right to treat others just as badly as you think they have treated you in the past.  Many of your complaints are actually well founded, (and many of them actually are in my opinion), so have at it. Oh, some of those Group 2 people are religious? Well then give them a double dose of vitriol.

Is there not something just a tad incongruous about this picture?

Just for today I would like to go about my life and live it as best I can, being as tolerant as I am able to be with God's help.  None of this media stoked hypocrisy makes me angry as much as it just makes me sad.  We humans are an ignorant bunch and are not afraid to let our stupidity shine all too often...in Group 1 AND Group 2. 

I too am woefully ignorant about many social issues, but I know it is never right to act entitled just because I have been persecuted myself. God doesn't give me the right to lash out at those people who hurt me so skillfully and so purposefully.  I am supposed to depend on his grace to forgive them and, while it isn't always easy or instant, forgiveness can and does happen when I retreat from trying to strike back.  It is a beautiful thing "religious" people have access to and I pray that in our own human ignorance and stupidity we will remember that and practise it.

Just for today however, I am very busy and my mind needs to be focused on some practical work around the home. So, would it be okay if you left off telling me about your particular group's problems with the rest of the world until tomorrow when I have more time?  Just for today.

Thank you....chat with you again tomorrow.

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