Monday, June 16, 2014

Dissa and Datta

After an incredibly busy day yesterday my husband and his fellow mountain climbers finally drove off at supper time, only an hour behind schedule, hopefully arriving safely at their camp site set up earlier by the other climbers...I am guessing they arrived between midnight and 1am and made themselves extremely unpopular with other campers as they set up their rain tarps and tents at that time of the morning.  Hopefully they are sleeping in today.  It was to be a relaxed day anyway as the various climbers spent a few hours getting to know each other while sorting out the camp food and planning tomorrow's route up the mountain.  Unless the rain is teeming they may do a small climb on Ha Ling Peak today and be better prepared to ascend Mount Sparrowhawk tomorrow.  Both seem to be good mountains for the inexperienced members of the group to do their first summit.  They may also be the best for the more elderly members of the group who are no longer in very good physical condition....not to mention any names.....sorry honey.....

So, I am free this week to have a few adventures of my own.  The first will be in a few minutes when I finally do a decent outdoor walk of  about 4km here in my own town!  Between broken ankles, icy winters, mosqito invasions of previous summers, downright laziness and allergy based mental fuzziness I have never actually walked to Wally World and back in the over 4 years now that I have lived here. Today is the day.  It seems it will be a day without rain...or at least very little rain....breezes instead of gale force winds and cool temperatures that make walking so much more enjoyable.  Our land line phone is dying a slow death, getting faster every day in the last week, and so it is time to phone shop.  If Wally World has nothing then there are a couple of other electronic stores another half km farther on that can probably assist me.  In fact perhaps I will just go there to start with as it is the longest route I can take around town and back home.  Might as well find out how well I am actually going to do on this whole local walking business.

My other chore in the next couple of days is to remove the car from the garage, sweep out the dried mud that will be all over the garage floor from the deep muck in our alleyway that falls off the tires and undercarriage of the car, take the car to the carwash and then park it on the street for the rest of this rainy week.  It is incredibly frustrating to have a garage that can't be used to protect our aging vehicle from the wetter elements that cause that not the point of having a garage in the first place?  I don't know who attempted to grade the alleyway a couple of weeks ago but he should be taken out and whipped with a wet noodle for a few hours.  After tearing up the alleyway no gravel was then applied.  I have less than a quarter of a block to navigate in that alleyway to access the garage, but I nearly got stuck in the deep mud when I drove there yesterday afternoon.  The tires of the car are completely caked with guck.  It is beyond annoying.

In happier news, we do need the rain so badly and I am very happy that there is more rain forecast for this week.   Hopefully we will get some good downpours and not just scattered showers.  The grass is looking perkier, the tree leaves have lost their dusty dullness and the flowers are perking up in all their splendid colour, despite the cold temperatures.  We actually had a touch of early morning frost a couple of days ago but it didn't do any significant damage to the plants.

Our son sent his dad Fathers' Day greetings yesterday and included a photo of his art studio at college.  It was fun seeing a few paintings he had shipped there from home that were the same ones we saw in Vancouver in April.  He has made some good changes to those works and began another new one that we hadn't seen before.  His profs are so glad he "gets" the point of a Masters programme: to unpack and take apart all the known rules of, in this case, fine arts and come up with a new package of ideas that bend the old rules all out of shape while salvaging what are the best parts of them. His favourite prof told him that as a result, his new works are making some of the more traditional students very uncomfortable and that is a good thing. haha  My son is definitely in a school with the right programme for him.

My parents have been dining on their new meals from Dashing Dishes.  They were very bored with  Meals on Wheels fare and are not yet at a point where that style of meal is absolutely necessary for them. With Dashing Dishes they can pick and choose at least 8 entrees from a selection of 12 each month. They can choose which vegetables and other side dishes they want to go with the main meat dish, right down to which spices they want to go along with them.  Once a month they take a taxi to a nearby community centre where what they have ordered is waiting in a cooler marked with their names.  The all ready prepared food is packaged and ready to be moved into their own cooler, they taxi home, cooler in hand and enjoy the meals for the next 4 weeks.  Mom still has to cook most of the food but it is all fresh and all ready prepared to just be put into the oven or on the stove top or into a slow cooker. Complete cooking instructions are included.  Mom enjoys feeling like she can still cook a meal but without the time consuming preparation and all the grocery store decisions on shopping day.  Dad even likes the food so that is a huge bonus. His medications affect his taste buds and he is sometimes hard to please.

A funeral for our dear parishioner who passed on the weekend is all set for later this week.  I am helping with the music and all ready praying I don't screw it up somehow.  The last 2 attempts at doing church music have been less than successful's hoping....

I am looking forward to eating a great Indian or African style meal on Friday evening with some friends.  We have to go to the city for Diocesan Council meetings and that visit is a bonus while we are there. While my husband is at the meetings I will be at a shopping centre with a lovely restaurant and a large book store and a clothing store I fancy. Ooh, poor me...abandoned for an entire day at some of my favourite retail and food outlets. Ooh, poor, poor me....teehee....

Well, it is time to depart for my first really decent walk outdoors since we got home from Vancouver.  I have had lots of 1 to 2 km walks but it is time for a proper hike about the town.  Wish me well....I would hate to be too tired out to do my house cleaning project....yeah....right.....teehee

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