Friday, June 27, 2014

Excellent Little Teaching Video

I just spent 5 minutes enjoying a bit of good teaching from a video posted on another blog I regularly read.  It is titled,
"The Disciplined Pursuit of Less" and features Greg McKeown.

Since you are likely able to put that information into your search engine and find the video yourselves I won't go into why I thought it had some good ideas, but I will tell you what sort of reaction I had when I first read the title but hadn't yet watched the video. hahaha

Please remember I am ill again and rather out of sorts today.

My reaction to the mere title was visceral! It went something like this:

"Yeah....the pursuit of less...discplined you say...are you KIDDING ME BUDDY??? This video is NOT for the likes of myself!  Having LESS is not something I have had to discipline myself to experience in the past 35 years, buster.  It has been handed to me, without prior consultation with me and without my consent!!!  You want to talk about having to be disciplined to live with less?  Do you have any idea what you are talking about Mister???  I am the one who could be sharing what it is like to live with less and I haven't ever had to be particularly disciplined about it!!  I have had less money, less food, less "stuff, less vacation opportunities, less new clothes, less healthy accommodation, less joy, less decent work situations, less good health, less people I can actually relate to, less fun, less close extended family name it, I have had less of it.  So, what do you think of THAT, buddy boy??  Huh??  Whatcha' think about THAT?????  I'll tell you about living with "less", yes I will.  And I haven't even had to exert any discipline for it to happen!!! So there!!!!"

Yup, that about sums it up and all I had seen thus far was the title of the video!  hahahahaha  Fortunately I did listen to it and it was quite interesting and good.  That poor man on the video has no idea what an emotional firestorm he set off in me!

I had no idea that the suggestion that living with less can be godly and necessary, which I all ready know to be the truth for many a person including myself, could upset me so badly. haha  My reaction tells me I am feeling worse physically today than I thought I was feeling.  Plugged sinuses, allergy rashes, upset tummy, high night fevers and constant exhaustion to the point where chewing is too much effort, are all playing havoc with my emotions.

I am kind of glad this happened today.  It is a signal to me that I need to get a grip and that I need to heed my doctor's call for enforced bed rest for the next few days.  My husband laid down the law to me this afternoon that washing, drying and folding 8 loads of laundry and making meals, doing dishes, emptying the trash etc. is NOT bed rest.

Blast....real bed rest....poop....I hate bed rest....I hate that even worse than having "less".  Sigh...okay, talk to you again in a few days...sigh....bed rest....blah.....

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