Monday, June 16, 2014

Fortunate Me, Not So Fortunate Husband

I am feeling badly for my husband this afternoon.  I just checked the weather forecast for the area where he and his buddies are camping.  At the moment they are under a heavy rainfall warning that extends right through until after they are scheduled to leave to come home 2 days from now. Sigh....after all the planning, the preparation of food and gear, orientation for the new climbers among them, my husband's excitement that FINALLY he is getting a spring climbing trip again....sometimes the little details of life seem grossly unfair.  Well, all I can do is ask for the Lord's mercy on these dear fellows; that they would manage to have a wonderful time despite the bad weather, that something good would come out of it, AND if the Lord is particularly merciful to them, that they would not get completely rained out and have to return home early.  Please God, if it is possible, could their area somehow avoid getting between 60mm and 100mm of rain in the next 24-36 hours? 

I am never afraid to ask God for exactly what I want, but I am not discouraged if I don't get it. My husband doesn't need special favours for his trip, but sometimes God brings them about anyway.  I have a great big God who doesn't mind me asking for special help and sometimes the answer is "YES!"  In this case the scripture that says, "God causes the rain to fall on the just and the unjust" (Matthew 5:45) can definitely be taken literally! hahaha

I like that verse in the Bible.  It tells me quite clearly that God is not a respecter of persons.  (Acts 10:34; Romans 2:11)  It reassures me that when inconvenient or downright bad things happen to me, God is not picking on me.  Because we live on the earth we all get our share of good and evil in the events of life. 

I am not a participant in the "God's perfect will vs what God allows" discussion because whether or not God ordains specific events or simply allows them to happen without intervening is of little interest to me personally.  God is God. What happens is what happens. When you think about it, is there really a difference between "ordained" and "allowed" when it comes to God? I find it easier to let those sorts of discussions go by and just deal with the circumstances I find myself in, trusting God to iron out the details and help me get through whatever is going on each day.  I am not good at tormenting myself by being overly analytical about things I am not going to find the answer to in this life.  I only enjoy talking about those sorts of things with people who are far more well educated in theology and philosphy than I am, people who can discuss "round the mulberry bush" issues intelligently and are happy to live with ambiguity.  In those sorts of discussions it is better if I am the only participant who doesn't know what she is talking about! Otherwise there is no point to the discussion.

Have you ever sat back and listened to heated discussion between a group of people where none of them really know what they are talking about?  It teeters between highly amusing and absolutely frustrating, sometimes even anger inducing! haha

I had a fabulous walk around the town this morning.  I ambled around quite enjoying a bit of sunshine, avoiding the sidewalks along the treed park areas due to the number of wasps, opting instead for the dirtier, muddier and more dangerous route next to the main highway.  It wasn't the prettiest route I could have taken but it was a practical one.  I ended up going the full 4km, taking a lunch break part way through. So, I was only gone for 2 hours, 45 minutes of which was my telephone shopping and lunch break.  There are some lovely trees and flowers in this town, but there is the usual cover of prairie dust and mud in many parts of town as well.  I struggle to see beauty in the prairies. I admit it.  But I am trying and seeing at least some things that are becoming more appealing.  Over time it will continue to improve I am sure.  As I walked about I was very aware once again of how little there is here that is of interest to me.  I am grateful for the people I am getting to know here as their relationships take the sting out of the barren landscape and lack of many appealing cultural events.

So, time to do some dusting around the house and get set up for floor cleaning tomorrow, then another walk in the afternoon.  It is all ready a good week and it has just started. 

PS Got to walk again this afternoon....for all my pride in doing a good long walking circuit this morning, I stupidly missed going to the bank to pay a, make that 5km I walked all together today.  Now I am going to scrap the dusting and do it tomorrow as it is to be raining rather hard then and not as conducive to walking again. Keeping busy when I am alone in the house is necessary to my ongoing success at battling the temptation to eat too much or ingest the wrong foods.


bullwinkle said...

Oh boy - let's hope he does get
to break those new boots in! :(

Susan said...

Yup, after dragging us all around that darned camping store for an hour he darned well better get to use those darned boots! hahaha I thought we were never going to get out of there, haha.