Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Grateful For the Spared Life of a Friend

We received a phone call recently from a friend we have not had contact with for quite some time.  He called to let us know he had been in a terrible accident but was praising God for saving his life.

A building he was in some weeks ago caught fire and he was temporarily trapped inside.  Witnesses reported they heard an explosion, saw smoke and flames and then saw my friend driving out of the building and he was ablaze as well.

His head and upper body were covered with second and third degree burns.  He spent weeks in hospital teetering between life and death, was on a respirator for a week in hopes he would eventually begin breathing on his own.  Fortunately that is what happened.

He is amazed that he not only survived but that he has no visible scarring on his face.  No one can believe he survived, let alone look so restored to normal after what his body went through.

Our friend is a wonderful person who has survived quite a few situations in life, both physical and emotional.  We are grateful once again that his time on this earth is not over.  He talked to my husband and they agreed we have not all worked hard enough to stay in touch.  What happened to him is a reminder to us that we have to be more diligent in keeping relationships alive and functioning.  Friends are too important to fall away from no matter how busy we may be.  

We are happy our friend is still alive and now well again and we are happy for the reminder of the importance of friendship.

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chris e. said...

Wow, what a thing to happen to that fellow! God was SO looking out for him. I am very thankful he was spared and is in such good health. Also very thankful that you will all be making more effort to stay in touch with one another.