Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ooooh....New Things to Learn! (aka Poop On This Bed Rest Thingy!)

This morning I woke up early.  I had a better sleep last night as the mucus production slowed considerably and I actually could lay down to rest instead of sitting bolt upright all night.  YAY!!  When I wake up that early and don't want to wake my husband up the best thing to do is something quiet, so this morning I started my day with 90 minutes worth of ironing, grabbing breakfast in between swipes with the iron.

I spent some time watching the birds as well.  We had rain overnight that drove thousands of ants out of their underground homes.  When I opened the living room curtains I saw dozens of young birds feasting their faces off as they gorged themselves with tiny sugar ants on our front lawn. They were singing and eating and just delighted by life. haha  

Yesterday one of the finch babies was particularly cute!  For the first time, he followed his dad up onto the feeder.  There is only room for one bird per feeder arm so he flew onto the one underneath his dad.  He looked about for a moment, flapping his little wings in close to his body the way baby birds do when they want food while still in the nest. Then he looked down and realized there was a gaping hole filled with seeds right in front of his face. hahaha  His wings went straight up into the air and he plunged his little beak into the bountiful pile of seeds.  Down came the wings again to resume their body flapping, the whole time he was eating, as if he was still in the nest.  hahaha  We haven't had so many little birds at our place as we have this year and it is delightful watching them grow and learn.  The new mourning doves have grown to full body length now and just need the identifying bars of colour around their necks and to lose the last tinges of brown from their feathers before it will be difficult to tell they are this year's "crop".  Mom and Dad have all ready left the premises and these 2 doves are fending well for themselves.  

There is one teeny sparrow that can't seem to get the hang of feeding himself, despite his parents' best efforts.  They accompany him to the feeding table or to the sunflower seeds that fall to the deck as the finches root through the seed mix in the feeder. They eat a few seeds and wait while he pecks aimlessly about, not seeming to find anything but the remains of the empty sunflower seed shells.  He starts doing his "still in the nest" wing flapping routine and they ignore him.  He stops beating his wings, hops closer to one or the other of the parents, begins more wing flapping and they turn their backs on him.  He makes pitiful noises and scootches closer to mom and dad.  They move away, he follows, they move away, he follows across the deck.  Finally one of them drops a seed into his mouth.  As he is working on eating it, they fly off in a dreadful hurry, leaving him there alone.  When he realizes they are gone, the wing beating begins again, along with little muling type noises.  I can see them sitting together on a tree branch watching him but not coming to his aid.  Eventually he stops whining and flapping about and looks all around several times. Finally he seems to see his parents and flaps himself straight up into the air, heading directly for that tree branch.  The 3 of them fly off together but an hour later they are back for a repeat performance.  This time little birdie is more alert.  No matter what he is doing he pays attention to his parents' location beside him. hahaha This time when they try to abandon him on the deck he is too smart to fall for it.  They try and try to shake him but he flies off within a split second of their departure every time they try to fly away.    I worry about him.  Is he really so unable or is he just afraid to be on his own?  Okay, I promise not to lose any sleep over it....for now.

Baby Bohemian Wax Wings are pretty cute as well as they learn better flying techniques with every passing day.  Tonight's crew were a bunch of crazy mad flappers.  They hovered for a long time over the bird bath, over the seeds and it was like they were saying, "Where do we land?? Where do we land?? Where do we land??"  Their flight is even more hyper than their parents.

Tonight the black cat from down the street showed up on the deck.  There was no sound from any birds so I threw open the patio door and hollered and Mr. Kitty took off running down the alley.  As soon as I stepped back into the house and shut the door the birds identified their various locations in the trees.  O my, what a nattering bunch. They were really upset by the cat's appearance and I am glad I saw him as soon as he got here.  It is always difficult for me to see him and the orange tabby catching and eating the little birds, but they also keep down the mice and rats so I do want them around on occasion.

My husband upgraded my poor old Windows XP today to Windows 7.  Not too much has changed as far as the parts of the operating system that I use every day.  I will find more new things to learn as I go along and I will enjoy that hopefully!  O it is so nice to have a smaller and quieter computer sitting beside me.  No more "zip when it moves and bop when it stops and whir when it stands still"!  (Remember that old song from the 1960's?  I thought it was incredibly stupid in all my elementary school wisdom...almost as stupid as "Puff the Magic Dragon" but don't get me started on that one!)

Bless my dear husband! All my old files and folders were moved over with very little hassle.  There are tons of new games for me to play while I complete this blasted and useless and "not happenin'" bed rest!  I am getting used to the slight change of format for some of those files and it won't take long to figure out how to access everything.

Yeeeeeaaaahhhh.....about that bed rest thing today.....not so much.....

There were people to communicate with about a visit this month before they move far far away. There was all that ironing to do and another load of laundry and meals to prepare and dishes to wash and new computer things to learn and....oh...yeah....I did take time to watch a movie this afternoon, while laying on the living room sofa, so that should count. Tonight I have been sitting very still in front of the computer....only my hands and arms have done any moving so that should count as resting, right?  I am staying home from all my husband's church services tomorrow so that should count for something, right?  Staying at home, inside, doing very little when so much needs to be done should count as resting when it is so tempting to go outside and I have resisted, right?  I let my husband mow the lawn last night and I forced myself to stay calm and not be frustrated that I wasn't doing it myself, so that should also count as restful, right?  Of course right!

Okay, I give up. I don't do bed rest well.  So sue me...sigh....

Time to go to bed now, really in bed, for the night and read another chapter of my good book.  THAT will be the kind of bedrest I am supposed to be doing all day as well........o dear Lord, I just can't do it. 


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