Thursday, June 19, 2014

Return of the Mountain Men

My husband and his buddies arrived back here yesterday, mid afternoon.  Despite the raging gall bladder attack he was in full throes of as he walked in the door and that put him to bed for the night 20 minutes later.....too many spicy, greasy sausages and cream laden desserts at camp.....he was filled with excitement about the wonderful 3 days of camping out.

The rain prevented the Mount Sparrowhawk climb but there was a goodly amount of scrambling on the mountains around the camp ground.  The new climbers got sufficient break in the weather to use their new gear and get the general idea of being above the tree line and finding routes through the rocks.  Everyone is excited and preparing to head for the second attempt on Sparrowhawk later in the fall after the heat of summer and plethora of tourists, but before the winter snows arrive.

That gives my husband about 3 more months to get into better shape.  I suspect he is a bit relieved he didn't have to attempt a summit when he really isn't physically ready to accomplish it.  He seemed quite happy to have spent so much time on the smaller slopes and sitting around visiting at camp.  Some of the fellows were chilled by the constant rain and the snow piles still dotting the camping area during this very late spring, so they drove to the hot springs pools in Banff for part of an afternoon and had lattes at the cafe there.  It gave my husband some time at camp with his hiking buddies from Alberta.  

They didn't see much wildlife apart from a deer, a large marmot and an adorable pica but they saw no evidence of bears in their immediate area....or at least that is what we wives have been told.

The break was so good for my husband. This morning work heats up again with meetings, funeral prep and then after the funeral tomorrow morning a fast driven trip into the city for Diocesan Council.  We are meeting friends for dinner that night and I am SO looking forward to that.

Must go and practise for doing funeral music tomorrow, as well as for both church services on Sunday. So many are out of town this coming Sunday, from both congregations, that I think I am going to go easy on my allergy blurred eyes and do some very simple songs I can just use a chord chart for instead of full blown hymns that sound kind of "nekkid" where there is only a handful of voices to sing them.

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