Monday, June 30, 2014

Shopping Out This Way

This morning, upon opening refrigerator and cupboards and seeing very little in the way of food inside them,  I braved leaving the house for the first time in over a week so we can eat actual food for a few days.

It didn't really feel great to be outside after all because of the howling winds, but I wrapped my head and neck in a big scarf to protect my sinuses and glands.  In essence I was wearing a type of hijab and wow, did I get the looks from the people in the grocery store.  This town is very small and many people that I don't know do know least they know I am the Anglican minister's wife. Well, it will give the townsfolk something new to talk about. hahahaha

I was just looking at my grocery bill.  To keep us fed for the next few days I bought exactly 19 items.  Those 19 items, 3 of which were packs of carbonated water and only 2 of which were meat, cost me well over one hundred dollars.  That hundred dollars worth of food will last us for about 5 days.  The cost of groceries has climbed all over the country but I am really  noticing it here as the cost of food when we came here over 4 years ago was all ready higher than anywhere we had ever lived in Canada before, other than Vancouver. In fact when we were in Vancouver this spring I was shocked at how little higher most of the grocery costs were there compared to here.  The restaurant meals were far most outstanding in quality than almost any restaurant in this province, I think I can say with some confidence, but were more reasonably priced because of the amount of competition in the industry there.  After comparing today's bill with a few I saved over the past month I realize I am going to have to increase the food budget. Wow......I am not complaining. Everyone is in the same boat.  It was just a bit shocking to realize what I actually purchased and how much even the smallest items are costing.

Thank goodness we don't eat out here in town any more than once every couple of months or so.  I can funnel what was formerly entertainment money into the grocery budget and we won't feel much of a pinch.  With the change in temporary foreign worker laws here in Canada I suspect some of our little restaurants may not stay open once summer is over.  Those changes are impacting smaller communities like our own for the worse.  

So, must give myself a good "buck up old chicken" pep talk and carry on with my shopping here in town.  Next week my husband is spiritual director at a teen camp and I will be here on my own. That should save me some money.  I eat like a sparrow these days in comparison to the "hog at the trough" food consumption pre-diabetes.  

Guess it is time now to evaulate what items we are eating here at home and make some changes.  Sigh.....and just when we have a steady income and were thinking it would be okay to eat food we actually enjoy after years of simply "making do" with whatever was on the clearance tables at the discount grocery. hahahaha  O woe is us...hahahahaha

I am just grateful we can actually eat decently, that my husband is healthy enough to have a good job that fulfills him and that we have enough income to survive and to purchase many dietary treats almost whenever we want to. When I read about people in other war torn or otherwise poverty stricken countries and even knowing the plight of so many here in our own country, I truly can only talk about my own grocery pricing woes through the lens of humour.  I am so blessed here where I live.  There are 3 grocery stores and some convenience foods. There are restaurants, good, bad and downright ugly, but I can afford to go to them all if I want to.  

We don't know how long this present blessing of a stable home, job and income will last. It could last for years or it could all end tomorrow.  The blessing of not having had any of those things very often in our married lives is that we have learned to depend on the Lord whether we have lots or little and we know our true source of provision is the Lord himself.  We have had it all and had it ripped away. We have had nothing at all and ended up living for a time in near mansions.  In the midst of every circumstance we have learned it is God who gives and gives generously to all his children when they have a need...through a job, through an unexpected gift, through some form of shocking circumstance we could have never foreseen.  It is all good in the end.  

So today I am grateful I had the over one hundred dollars I needed to purchase the 19 items that will feed us for a few days.  


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