Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Shopping with Great Joy!

What better way to enjoy a day with no committments than to spend it shopping??
Right? Of course right!!  hohoho

At lunchtime today our microwave oven conked out.  We have had the dilapidated old thing for 15 years and to be honest, lately I have been concerned that it may be leaking and creating problems for us.  No one should keep a microwave going that long.  It took more than a full minute to heat 3 strips of pre-cooked bacon for my husband's lunch.  In the past few days I noticed it taking more and more time to even reheat a cup of tea.

So, my mission for this afternoon was to suss out a new microwave.  The first store I went to had exactly 2 models, the capacity was larger than we need and they were expensive and bulky.  On to the only other store in town that carries small appliances and there was the perfect one for less than sixty dollars.  It has the small capacity we require and it is less bulky than the old one.  It certainly looks prettier and far less imposing on the kitchen counter.  It is the same brand as our old one and if it works as well for even a few years I will be delighted.

A few groceries should have rounded out my shopping trip, but there is a lovely ladies wear store, near the small appliance stores, that is owned and operated by a very dear woman I first met last year.  She carries clothes for, shall we say, smaller people than I have been in a couple of decades.  However, with the weight loss I can fit into the largest 2 sizes she carries.  After so many years of plus sizes, how could I resist a new top to replace the one I had to put into the thrift store bin this morning and also a new dress just because I like it and it fit me?  How, I ask you, could I be expected to resist such a temptation?
Right? Of course right!!

I will wear the new butter lemon top to my doctor's appointment in the morning just to cheer me up in case I don't hear what I want to hear about my test results.  I have a scarf that will look wonderful with it.  

It was a good day out on the town shopping and having fun.  My husband says I need more fun in my life. He is right.  I hope he will maintain his stance when  he sees the clothes I purchased today that were definitely not on my shopping list. Hopefully the 25% off will impress him.  It will.....
Right? Of course right!


bullwinkle said...

Of course it will impress! ;)
I mean 25% off?

Well done!

Susan said...

I have not yet shared my purchases with him and am counting on his bad memory to make him not realize he is seeing me in something new to's hoping. teehee