Thursday, June 5, 2014

Small Providences

I love days when, although I am feeling somewhat tired or fuzzy brained, details come together with ease.

Yesterday was one of those days.  I was distracted by concerns about my lab test results and I wasn't thinking terribly clearly.  It was a day when the help of the Lord to get the details put together was greatly appreciated.

Little things working out can make a person feel the closeness of God, even when some of the things that happen may actually be only happy coincidences rather than divine intervention, but it never hurts to thank God anyway for the way things occur.

When I got downtown to pick up some groceries I had forgotten it was the monthly 10% off day.  The store and parking lot were so crowded but I was able to squeeze my car into the last available spot in the lot.  When I got to the breads and buns rack I searched for the brand of bread I need, hoping to get 2 loaves.  Yup, there it was and there were only 2 loaves left to be had.  Trying to connect with friends in the morning hours had been frustrating with no one around to chat but I ran into a parishioner in the grocery store and we had a fine visit.

In my post box was an unexpected financial gift that paid for all my household purchases, groceries, microwave etc.  Coming back from the bank where I cashed my cheque I realized I had locked my keys in the car ignition and couldn't get into the vehicle.  While I was waiting for my husband to bring his keys from home I sat on the hood of the car and enjoyed the sunshine. Another parishioner walked past and we had a good laugh about my predicament and also a good chat.  My husband thanked me for locking myself out of the car because it gave him a good excuse to don his heavy mountain climbing boots and walk downtown, getting a bit of unexpected mid day exercise to help him train for his big trip coming up in a couple of weeks.

Driving across town to the other grocery for some products only that store stocks, I realized I didn't have a loonie coin in my purse to put into the slot to get a grocery cart.  I was wondering how I could balance 36 cans of sparkling water and a 36 bottle flat of still water and getting angry at myself for the oversight.  However, once I parked the car and looked up I saw a grocery cart sitting just in front of me that had not been pushed into place with the others. It was just sitting there all alone, no coin needed to release it for use, just waiting for me by all apearances!  YES!!

After grocery shopping and returning the free cart to its location near my car I wandered down the mall and found another parishioner in a visiting kind of mood, purchased a dress and top at a good sale price and finished up my day by filling the car with gas at the only pump open to take my car at my favourite filling station.

It was a day when I was conscious of the path opening before me as I wandered around in a daze.   It seemed that everywhere I went, all the details worked out. Even locking myself out of my car was only a minor inconvenience that resulted in some other good things that would have been missed if I hadn't been so careless.

Isn't that just like the Lord to bring good out of bad, even good out of nothing of apparent importance at all really.

There are such days which come along to remind me he is there, taking care of this stumble bum on days like that, in ways like that.  Thank you Lord......   

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bullwinkle said...

There are no accidents...
Only opportunities.