Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Small Time Fun

I was getting ready to go to a birthday party out of town this evening when I heard a rustling and bumping at the door of the outside deck. Thinking it was one of the neighbourhood cats stalking our song birds I raced to the door prepared to shoo it away.

However it was not a cat on our deck. haha  The rusting and bumping noises were coming from the wings of one of the brown thrasher birds.  The way the sun was shining as it set created the right conditions for the thrasher to see a mirror image of himself in the glass on the deck door. haha  He was bumping into the door, brushing it with his wings and peering into the house.  Very cute.  It looked like he wanted to come right inside the way he was thrusting his little face toward the glass.

After a few minutes of watching him trying to get to what he thought was another bird, he broke out into the complicated song that thrashers are renowned for.  So many different styles of trills and runs and peeps came out of that  rather unremarkable looking bird.  I called my husband to come watch the display and hear the song.  We stood there so long we made ourselves late for the party! haha

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