Sunday, June 29, 2014

So Today I Actually Rested....And Learned Some New Things....

.........and yeeeeaaaahhhh....I do feel better.  My voice is still sounding nearly non-existent but at least I can breathe through my nose for the first time in a week.

One thing that helped pass the time today was my helpful husband who managed to set up computer for me to play games onscreen from a prone position.  Not exactly rocket science, but some mindless such thing to get lost in does keep my thoughts from centering on how bored I have been all week.

I also did a bit of research reading in regard to the origin of diabetes and how difficult a disease it is to understand and research.  In the course of looking about on the interweb I came across an interesting thesis paper from 2013 by a University of Calgary student, who at the time was a doctoral candidate.  His name is Gavin Duggan and his thesis work is titled "Mutivariate NMR Analysis of Human Disease Models".  It really explains many of the difficulties in being able to separate the components present in the molecules when attempting to study various cancers, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes; the difficulties in having to isolate separate molecules and examine their contents, yet still study them in operational groups.  If you are interested in this subject and would like to read about this form of testing and research, here is the link to his paper:

Fascinating read!

The rain has been pouring down intermittently since 5am.  Again, I am so grateful my husband found the strength to go out and mow the lawn when he wasn't feeling well himself the other day.  The rain is to continue for at least another day and we would need to attack the grass with machetes if he hadn't been able to lop everything off before all this water arrived.

Well, that thesis composed the "education" portion of my day so I am going to toddle off to watch some more mindless junk, but on tv this time.  2 hours of "American Ninja Warriors", here I come.

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