Sunday, June 22, 2014

The End of One Crazy Busy Week and the Start of Another

O my goodness, the weekend just flew by.  

Friday morning was the big funeral for our dear departed parishioner. She has a lovely family and it was difficult to see them mourning their loss.  It was a privilege to participate with another lady in providing the music for the service.  We were all treated to a lovely catered turkey dinner afterward by the family.  One of the sons was at church this morning before heading back to his home.  It was nice to have a chance to say a proper goodbye to this doting son of our passed parishioner.

As soon as lunch was over we raced home to get our suitcases and headed to the city.  We were to meet some friends there for dinner and fortunately, they were not only staying at the same hotel, but we arrived at the same time.  Didn't have to make so much as a phone call to locate them.

We decided, since it was teeming rain outside, that we would just eat dinner at the hotel restaurant...bad, bad, bad decision. Good thing the fellowship over dinner was sweet because the food wasn't fit to give to a scavenging wild dog. The salads looked as if they had been left over from the day before, there was some seafood that smelled so bad we felt ill just from the odor as we walked past it. There was only one vegetable dish.  I THINK the veggies had originally been zucchini and peppers with onion, but it was such a soggy mash by the time we opened the lid of the hot bin we weren't sure, so passed on the only veggies in the place. The chicken was too salty to swallow and the meatballs in gravy were the sort of "mystery meat" found in tinned stew in the discount groceries.  The so-called gravy was essentially corn starch and water.  The rice was actually crunchy from overcooking.  If we hadn't all been so exhausted and damp from the long drive and hauling ing our suitcases around during a rain storm we wouldn't have stayed there, but we managed to swallow a few bites of small baby potatoes and scrape the salty coating off the chicken.  We gave up on eating dinner and went to the lounge in the same hotel for a stiff drink of scotch...and found out that last call there is at 8pm!!  The next morning, having to rise so early for a day of intense meetings, there was no time to go elsewhere and we were certain they couldn't ruin pancakes or toast and bacon......wrongo!!!  We laughed our heads off and decided it was definitely a time of "making memories".

Once we got checked out of the otherwise rather decent hotel and had a final laugh together about our food experiences there, the other 3 headed to their day of meetings and I went for a nice 1.5km walk to the nearest shopping mall.  Although more rain was predicted, there was no sign of it until very late in the afternoon. As I walked to the mall the sun was shining and the sky was a clear summer blue.  It was lovely marching along early in the morning to arrive at the mall just as the stores were opening.

I continued marching, up and down the mall from one store to another, for 6 hours!!  I sat down once for a half hour lunch at a busy little restaurant that served excellent food...or maybe it just seemed excellent after what we had choked down the night before and at breakfast.  At the end of 6 hours I realized I had been into every store in the mall but I still had another hour to wait before my husband's meetings ended and he could pick me up.  So I walked into a small hair stylist's shop and was able to get an appt. with little wait time.  What a nice pampering after a busy day of shopping...washing and conditioning, drying and flat ironing my rain frizzled mop of hair. Oooh, it was lovely.

During that 6 hours of shopping I completed my summer wardrobe.  There were some good sales on to take away some of the almost guilt I experienced at spending so much money and buying so many clothes.  I spent my entire GST rebate check that will come in July and it is a good big one, so....  My husband is enjoying my shopping fun since I've been able to wear regular sized clothes again so has been patiently saying nothing about my huge expenditures this spring.  He will be relieved to know I am officially done now.  I too am relieved as I see how easily I could go completely insane buying clothes.  Enjoying shopping for myself is not something I have experienced in many years so yes, I went a tad overboard, but I don't care.  I had a great time, didn't buy anything I don't actually need and am content to not purchase anything else.  I did want to purchase another pair or 2 of comfortable, dressier but still casual shoes but refrained. Then this morning at church someone came in with 2 pair of shoes to give away that "happened" to be my size.  They are barely worn as they didn't fit her so....there you go. Once again the Lord provided, and before I could further tax my husband's patience with my spending sprees.  AMEN!!

We were very late returning home last evening after the usual long drive and we were extra careful as twilight set in.  There were so many antelope, (which I think are actually a breed of prong horned goats rather than true antelope, but whatever.......), deer, muskrats, skunks and other smaller animals along the roadside that we had a very slow trip.  We had to keep slowing down to make sure we could stop or swerve if one of them leapt out in front of us onto the road.

The services went by in a blur this morning and my husband is so grateful that it was our deacon's turn to preside and preach. My husband read the psalm, did the priest's part of the Eucharist and gave the announcements at the end, but was able to relax the rest of the time.

Since then we have eaten lunch and dinner, I did some grocery shopping and we have watched some television.  We are too tired to start doing any work tonight so hope to sleep in a bit tomorrow before tackling some big jobs around the house.  

So it is all good. We may have a half day to get some of our own work done around here that has been waiting for weeks, before heading to another city where a parishioner is in hospital very unexpectedly.  

Another crazy week awaits....but it is good to be busy and able to help a few folk with various things they need help with.  

I just looked at our calendar for the coming week and here we go again!

Somehow had the energy to play the music at both services today before unofficially retiring from filling in any more for absent church musicians.  My hands and fingers are worn out after all the playing I did this week and it is time to turn my attention to other,  more enjoyable pursuits.  

Looking forward to the annual ACW dinner this week that ends our season for the summer months. We are going to the one somewhat decent restaurant in town and it has a nice little meeting room so we can have some privacy as a group.  It will be a lot of fun.  The rest of the week my husband has meetings every evening so it is going to be busy for him.  It IS all good.

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