Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Fun of a Surprise

Sunday afternoon was the start of some wonderful time off for my husband and myself.  Days off are sometimes hijacked by various parish emergencies or other work related issues but when we actually go away for that time we do have a lot of fun.  We were still geared up from the wine dinner and the baptismal service so it made for lively conversation as we travelled to a small Alberta town to prepare to surprise a friend the next day.

It was nice to stay in a motel that night, no one knowing where to find us, just being able to read a book and doze uninterrupted for the evening.  The next morning we woke in plenty of time to enjoy the hotel breakfast and then drive a few miles to a wonderful grocery store before meeting our friends.  My husband got all the food purchased for his climbing buddies in anticipation of his trip next week on his days off.  It was a great bonus to find the items he would not be able to buy in our local stores.

When it was time to meet our friends, visiting from BC, we drove to the B&B where they were staying, the husband sneaked us into their suite and his wife was standing there with her hands over her eyes wondering what on earth this surprise could be that he told her was coming.  When she opened her eyes and saw us she could hardly believe it. hahahaha  Hopefully her husband captured on his camera the look on her face.  It was priceless. Hugs and tears all around.  It has been about 10 years since we have seen each other and wow, what a treat to finally visit face to face.  After a visit we drove to a relatively decent Japanese restaurant for lunch, visited some more, did some shopping together in the local stores, visited some more and then it was time for us to leave to return home.

It was such a treat to see our friends, to drive on a different set of roads than usual, to see a few more rolling hills and trees than we have closer to home, to go somewhere that didn't involve elder care for a change, to shop in some unexpected retail and grocery outlets that are completely different than we have in our own town.....ooooh, it was a lovely couple of days.  It was worth the amount of hours we drove in only 24 hours, fer shur!!!

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