Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Passing of a Lovely Lady

I am feeling rather sad right now.  Although her passing has been expected for some time now, we lost a gracious and elegant parishioner just a couple of hours ago.  I am relieved she is not suffering any more, I am grateful to God that he took her home as she had a great fear of being moved to the seniors' manor if she ever recovered sufficiently to leave the hospital, but I am sad for her wonderful loving family who will miss her so much.  I am sad for the loss to our church family who cherished her presence with us.

I will miss her gentleness and her quiet classiness.  The first year or so that we lived here I assisted her in feeding her husband his meals at the manor after he was incapacitated by a severe stroke.  It was an honour and privilege to do so.  Now they are united again in whatever state of grace God's people find themselves after death.  I pray for her family and I pray that our church people will always remember her for the great lady that she was.

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