Saturday, June 14, 2014


After another long and cold winter we were very excited by the beginning of spring.  Unfortunately the cold has continued, apart from about 1 week of lovely and expected spring temperatures.

This morning it is +9C, it is raining (the rain we do need) and I had to put the furnace on.  I don't remember the last time I had to run the furnace in mid June! is SO cold!

I am very grateful for the rain as it is so dry this spring.  The birds outside look rather begraggled and chilly but their bird bath is full of fresh clean water so they are happy.

In Alberta a tornado has all ready touched down in the southern part of the province and the southern part of our province is being deluged with heavy rain.  Hopefully the farmers are done with their field work.

My husband is a bit depressed about the weather.  He and a large group of friends are heading into the mountains west of Calgary tomorrow evening for a 2 day mountain climbing expedition. Looks like their first day may be rained out, but at least for now the forecast for day 2 looks clear and calm.

The inside of the house looks like a bomb has gone off, haha. There are pieces of climbing gear, packets of camp food, backpacks and sleeping bags all over the place.  I can handle the mess the 1 or 2 times a year he now goes on an outdoor adventure.

My hope is that all goes well, that the weather clears and that this group of dedicated climbing men will have a safe time together in the great outoors. What a wonderful way for my husband to spend his days off this week. May all the bears find other places to be for the next few days!!

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