Thursday, June 19, 2014

Unworthy....But Grateful

Today someone gave me a compliment that was so sincere and heart felt.  It touched my heart deeply. Not only the words but who the person is gave great weight to what was said.

I know I am not worthy and so it was hard to receive those words on one hand, on the other hand it encouraged me so greatly and made me want to live up to the idea the other person has of me.

It also was a much needed reminder that I need to express more freely and more often my admiration for other people.  There are so many people who say and do things for others that require sacrifice and genuine love in order to say and do those things.  I need to tell them more often that not only do I see them and their acts of kindness, but I appreciate them...not only for their actions but also for their loving hearts that inspire them to say and do good things, encouraging things, edifying things.

A good lesson was brought to me today through a compliment to myself.  I need to pay it forward....genuinely and often!

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