Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Phone Call With Cheek.....Butt Cheek That Is!! heehee

I was delighted to receive a cell phone call from my husband around dinner time last evening. He and the gang arrived safely at their pushing off point with the canoes, had everything loaded up and were ready to start paddling across the lake to their first night's campsite.  It was to be his last phone call before stashing his phone with the other guys' cell phones in the storage locker back at the canoe rental shop since there is no cell phone service where they are heading.

About a minute after we said goodbye and hung up our phones, my phone rang again.  My husband's number came up again on the call display.  Okay, what did he just realize he had forgotten to pack, was my first thought and I was laughing as I answered.

All I could hear on his end of the line was a crackling, rustling sort of noise, but I couldn't pick up a voice at all.  After hollering a few times into the phone that I couldn't hear him, I announced I was going to hang up and he should call again.  A few seconds later he did just that.  When I answered there was a pause before he told me, in a most embarrassed tone of voice, that what I had heard was his cell phone brushing against his undershorts in the back pocket of his pants.  After his initial call to me he had pocketed his phone but hadn't yet turned it off.  As he was returning to the locker his butt cheek must have bumped the recall button.  Imagine his and the other fellows' surprise when, unexpectedly, my voice started hollering from out of the seat of his jeans!! hahahaha  It scared them all witless, but then as they realized what had happened, sent them into hysterics.  I could hardly hear my husband's humiliating description of the situation because the other men standing around him were laughing so heartily. hahahaha

We have a lot of fun my husband and I, we truly do.  It doesn't take much for us to provide entertainment for everyone around us....no effort at all actually, just a lot of absent mindedness.  heehee

Speaking of absent mindedness....oh....um....where was I?

Oh yes....today I was able to track down my husband's missing hat.  It has been gone for over 8 weeks.  I finally located it at the home of a parishioner who lives many kilometers from here, so I gave myself a lovely afternoon of driving around the countryside to go and retrieve it.  I stopped in our other church's town to deliver some items and had lunch out just for fun.  (Today was my dreaded A1C test that I know is not going to have the stellar results of the last 2, so I coped by treating myself to a few joys today.)  I had a lovely visit with the parishioner who had the hat.  I met some of the staff at the nursing home in that town when I went to their "lost and found" looking for my husband's lost reading glasses.  I saw how far along many of the farmers are with their harvest after last week's amazing week of hot, dry weather.  The fields are full of swathers and combines taking advantage of the few warm days still ahead.  When I got back to my own town I treated the car to a washing at the car wash and most of the bug guts came off the front bumper, but tomorrow I will go out with a bucket and sponge and some special "stuff" my husband has that takes them off even better than the car wash brush.  

Tonight I have company coming overnight and I am looking forward to a good visit with her. Tomorrow, after I finish cleaning the car, I will start putting together a huge binder of all the diabetes information I have collected over the past few months so that it is all together in one organized bundle.  Then there will be only 1 day left and my husband will be home again.  Perhaps I will treat the front lawn to another good mowing.  If I work it right and the autumn is cool, I am figuring I only have to mow the lawn another 3 to 4 times at most between now and the snow. 

It is a great week thus far!

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