Wednesday, August 20, 2014

And So It Goes, haha!!

My husband arrived home from the pastors' breakfast full of life and joy.  Good thing.

Less than 10 minutes after he got back the phone rang. It was the local seniors' condo calling to find out why he hadn't arrived to do the monthly Bible study.

Oooops.....the new schedule for that committment came out in June.  My husband is the one who wrote up the schedule for the entire ministerial. My husband forgot to transfer his own schedule onto his own calendar and had no idea he was supposed to be there today.  hahahaha  

Having just come from breakfast with all the other local pastors he knew for a fact none of them would be available to race over there to cover for him, so off he went....ten minutes late, but there none the less. hahahaha

When he gets home I am going to have him give me a copy of that schedule and I will paste it to his wall calendar in the church office and write it into his daytimer.  If I do it myself I know it has been done. I will also write it onto my own office calendar and between the 2 of us we can forget all over again the next time it is his turn on that roster. hahahaha

Natural absentmindedness coupled with impending old age:  as we approach the senior citizen stage of life we will never be bored.  We will always be searching for lost items and being surprised by instantaneous committments we have no idea we made previously. hahaha  What a funny day today is.

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