Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cold Laser Attempt #2!

Today I went back for a second cold laser treatment on my chin.  One thing I am learning about this particular outlet is that it is never a boring time.  

This time I had a younger technician and while not the warmest personality, she seemed like Pollyanna after the first one that worked on my chin.  I thought I would be smart and remove my shoes at the door so I wouldn't have to be told, like the first time, as if I was a disobedient 5 year old.  This gal seemed surprised that I was removing my shoes and said I certainly didn't have to do that.  Okay........so I felt like a 5 year old all over again. Sigh.....  No one appeared this time to wrest my purse from my grasping fingers and take it away to rooms unknown either, so I was able to take it into the room with me and keep an eye on it.  Guess the proprietor was able to get all she needed from it behind my back the first time I had an appointment.

My treatment this time was more thorough, that is for sure.  I wasn't made to feel that I was interrupting the tech's personal life by having an appointment for mere hair removal.  Not that there is much talking going on. When the treatment is happening my mouth has to stay closed so my chin doesn't wobble and ruin whatever scam treatment is being performed on it.  I am finding this whole process highly entertaining and also relaxing.  I nearly dosed out this time during the added facial massage that wasn't afforded me the last time I was there.  It was quite lovely.

When I went to the cash register to pay afterward, the original tech, the proprietor, was there working on the computer. My tech offered me another of the miniscule vials of gel to put on my chin for the next 3 mornings.  I told her I had some left from the first go round. She said I might as well take it as it was free.  FREE?????  The itsy bitsy teeny weeny vial of gel I paid ten dollars for at the last appointment is now FREE?????  I told my tech how much I had paid for it at my first visit and the proprietor at the computer turned bright red in the face and bent her head down as if she suddenly remembered her lunch muffin had dropped onto the floor and needed to be found immediately to avoid imminent starvation.  My tech was very surprised I had been charged anything at all for the vial of gel, let alone ten dollars, but said she wasn't authorized to refund it to me. hahaha  To help make up for it she gave me ten free samples of various kinds of skin creams to try, all of which are of course for sale in this same establishment.  hohoho!  BIG SURPRISE!

So, don't know what kind of con these folk are running, but I am finding it quite amusing.....perhaps because I have no life.  I wonder what will happen next month when I return for attempt number 3? hahaha  I think I will go barefoot and sew my payment into the hem of my skirt, thus eliminating the need for stress over what to do with my shoes and purse.  I will be interested to find out if there is yet another development in the cost or lack thereof for the tiny vial of gel.  

Life in this town is gradually becoming more interesting........to be continued next month.....


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