Monday, August 18, 2014

Curses! Foiled Again!!

I woke up this morning filled with enthusiasm and energy to get out and mow down the front lawn.  I bolted down my breafast and toted my outdoor work clothes out to the breezeway for spraying down with my favourite coconut and lime mosquito repellent.  My hair, arms and face also got a good spraying as the mosquito population is so large right now.  The electrical cords balanced over my arms and the mower balanced and twisted through the 2 doors from garage to outdoors, I made my way into the yard and started plugging in the machinery.  Then I looked down long enough to notice that the hems of my pant legs were soaked with water, as were my boots.  The cord dragging on the ground had picked up a muddy appearance.

Overnight it rained.  The long grass is now covered in beads of water.  The visible ground where there are gaps in the grass cover is not just damp, but completely muddy.  When I came back inside discouraged and stinking of mosquito spray, my boots left dirty footprints on the back door carpet.  I will spend the next hour wiping mosquito spray out of my hair and off my hands and arms and neck, only to respray immediately afterward to go out and start the mowing procedure all over again.

Sigh.....nothing like having a major chore delayed by more than an hour to take the wind out of a person's sails.  However, I can enjoy my hour by blogging and doing emails....and wiping spray off myself so I don't faint from the overpowering smell of coconut.  See what happens when I actually attempt to be organized for an entire day? See???

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