Thursday, August 28, 2014

Discovering My Own Social Hub At Long Last

Well now....after nearly 5 years in our present location I have finally figured out where to meet the people I know here to have a social visit...that is somewhere other than pushing my grocery cart around the local Co-op store!

Tonight I found myself craving a spinach salad for dinner, so off I went to Humpty's, where such a delight is to be found in this town. For the umpteenth time in a row, I ran into quite a few people there that I know.  One of them arrived after I did, was also alone, so she joined me and we had a great time together.  Then other friends arrived and more visiting occurred.  This is becoming a pattern.

I need to hang at Humpty's more.  What a hoot! Humpty's of all places...haha.

1 comment:

bullwinkle said...

We used to enjoy going
to the Humpty's in Fort St John
for Breakfast, loved the food, though
I don't recall having met friends
there at any time....