Sunday, August 24, 2014

It's Okay to Have Mess, It's Okay to Have Mess......

Our house looks like a bomb went off inside.  No, it isn't anything serious or dangerous, just my husband's camping and canoeing gear and food as he packs up for this coming week's outdoor extravaganza with his buddies.

The kitchen, hallway, bathroom, extra bedroom and my husband's home office are a complete disaster of small packs, outdoor clothing of all kinds, vials and tins and jars and plastic bags and wine bags and dry barrels and boot laces and towels and mosquito spray and matches and lighters and tents and sleeping bags and blow up mattresses and woolly socks and hoodies and gloves and boots and vests with many pockets and fishing line and sunscreen and more vials and tins and jars and plastic bags and cooking pots and kettles and cooking utensils and dried foods and camp menus and maps of the lakes and contact information and bear spray and and and and and and and and and.....

Every year it is little short of a miracle to me that any of these myriad items actually get put away into storage closets and bins once the trip is over.  How does he have the energy, let alone the time, to pack all these bits and pieces and iotas and what-have-yous back into plastic bins and storage closets, all well organized until everything is hauled out again a year from now for the next canoe trip??

The good part is that while he is gone there is no point in trying to clean house.  I made that mistake the first year he went canoeing and as soon as my husband returned home at the end of the week, only 2 days after I completed my cleaning marathon, he scattered all his filthy, grubby, bug infested gear back around the house until he could get it all cleaned and reorganized and packed up out of the way. There were little crumbs of food, bits of lint, dribs and drabs of dried mud, insect carcasses, bacon bits, orange peels, camp fire ash and all manner of filth from the camp gear all over the floors.  The bathtub, after his shower and soaking to relax the aching paddling muscles, was black as a richly soiled garden.  So, live and learn!  I will simply put up with the mess that is left behind in his wake until he returns home and cleans the whole mess up again. Then I will do my own house cleaning.

I am not complaining.  It is so much fun to watch this process of packing going on every year, joy to see the excitement in his face as he prepares for the trip, hear the laughter as he talks to his buddies on the phone as they cement their last minute plans.  For one week or so the house can be a cess pit of mess. I won't die from it.  I will keep my own little spaces clean and spend most of my time in them.  I don't really need to use the main hallway.  My own office has all I need in it so I never need to use his.  His bathroom is seen by me only when I am cleaning it anyway and the spare room is a room I only set foot in when I am dusting and vaccuuming it every couple of weeks.  What is in the kitchen now will go with him and then I can tidy up in there. The back entryway has no relationship to anything he is doing so I can access the garage without having to climb over piles of left behind packsacks and sleeping bags and mats.  

It is all good....and in a week's time it will once again be clean around this house!!

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