Monday, August 4, 2014

Last Minute Holiday Apoplexy!!

Before we have holidays there is always some little glitch that comes along each year to either drain our bank account of the money we have scrimped and saved for a trip, or something to delay our leaving, often a mechanical or tire problem with the car.  Last night it happened, as usual, again.

My computer crashed at about 10:30pm just as it was about to be shut down for the night.  My husband had been working on it and delivered the bad news to me as I was about to crawl into bed.  Talk about something calculated to awaken me again immediately!!  Wow, was I ever awake again! No doubt about it.  "Honey, your computer crashed" and "Honey, there is a mouse in the kitchen" have the identical effect on yours truly and it is not a pretty sight as I come steaming into the room, frustration causing smoke to pour from my ears I am certain, eyes wild and body shaking.  Blecch!! Pooey!!  NOT my COMPUTER!  NOOOOOO!!

We had a talk about the best way to handle getting a new hard drive on a long weekend Monday in a small town where all the stores tend to be closed, getting it installed etc. when we are supposed to be meeting friends out of town, followed immediately by my husband's absence for a mountain climbing expedition, with me at home unable to access my own files even if using my husband's computer.  I was angry, furious even, that once again some stupid problem arose, although able to be solved in a matter of hours and a few dollars.  I fell into bed and had a bad sleep. Anger does that to me, just as it does to most people who fall prey to it. (I wonder sometimes if, when I am shaking my fist at the ceiling, God would like to just reach down and shake hands with me...that would embarrass me enough to stop acting like a 5 year old, blaming him for the usual ebb and flow of life that happens to us all.)

This morning I arose early to start making a nice breakfast for visiting friends and my husband went to work on my computer to see exactly what had happened and figure out the fastest way to fix it for of the "OOOH NO! My computer is broken and I am too stupid to figure out how to fix it" school of computer technology.

Well, after about 20 minutes of fiddling about with trouble shooting and a lot of sighing and drumming of fingers on the desktop, he came to tell me he had learned something new about the programme he installed for me a few weeks ago.  Apparently there is a security measure that we didn't have before that requires me to change my password every couple of months unless the settings are reset to keep the same one all the time.  The machine had been sending me messages to let me know the end date for my current password was fast approaching, but I didn't understand the messages and what they were for. So, as per usual, I simply ignored them in hopes they would eventually go away and carried on until the password actually expired last night and shut my whole system down. about that dear husband who is so patient as I stand in all my raging, yelling glory. Umm....I feel pretty silly for being so worked up over a problem that I wouldn't have found more than a slight inconvenience if  it had happened a few days before holidays.  

So, what more proof do I need that I need a break away, a change of pace, a change of scene, more time alone with my husband?  This kind of overreaction can indicate low blood sugar, but my sugar was fine at bedtime.  It was pure stress that happens right before holidays, just knowing all the things that can go and have gone wrong in the past when we tried to have an extended time of relaxation.  

I used to have a poster in my office that reminds me of myself.  It was a large picture of an orangutan.  His arms are up over his head and his eyes are crazed. The caption says, "I gotta learn to relax!!"

Yeah, I gotta do that as well!  

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