Saturday, August 16, 2014

Music (?) to My Ears

Last night we didn't get to bed until after midnight.  Outside the temperatures were beginning to drop after a rather hot day and we were grateful to be able to crank the windows wide open for the night....or so we thought.

We were barely into bed when we realized we were being blasted off the mattress by loud guitars, shrieking vocals and slammin' drums.  We thought that one of our neighbours must have either lost his or her mind, or had been invaded by alien grunge rockers, so my husband got dressed again and went outside to investigate.  He didn't come back for awhile and I wondered what had happened to him.  Finally he returned to let me know that our town was having some kind of music fest over in the park in the farthest corner of town away from us.  Apparently they had a special permit to rock 'n' roll far into the night.  So, I picked up my book and read myself to sleep when there was a break between songs.

I had a great sleep....7 straight hours without waking up for as much as a second.  My poor dear husband was unfortunately not able to fall asleep between the band's sets the way I was able to.  He had to eventually get up and close all the windows to drown out the noise.  So, although he is gamely attempting to clean out the garage this afternoon, he is looking rather droopy eyed and pale.

As he tied into that monster project, I walked downtown to get some fresh produce from the Hutterites:  new baby potatoes, baby carrots, podded peas and parsnips.  Yum, yum, yum!!!  We had an intense rain this morning with accompaning thunder and lightning and it is incredibly humid outside.  As I walked along I could feel my hair starting to curl and was glad I hadn't bothered to use the flat or curling irons this morning as it would have been a waste of time.

I was nearly home when I heard it:  a resurgence of the sort of music that kept us awake last evening.  Apparently this is a weekend festival rather than a one nighter, so we get to have another sleepless night in our home sauna.  hahaha

Neither of us is the least bit annoyed or upset about this weekend's noise festival.  FINALLY there is something going on in town this summer for the younger folk to entire weekend of rock and grunge and folk music.  There is quite a combination of styles and groups and solo artists here for the weekend I subsequently discovered.  If we weren't so old and tired we would be at the park too having a great time.  

My husband and I are grateful to discover we have not yet turned into the kind of old fogies we dreaded when we were still young ourselves; the kind that call the police and complain when the music goes on one minute past the noise permit deadline, assume that every young person at the concert is high on drugs and carrying weapons and denigrate the entire event just because it is not the sort of music we personally enjoy any more.

What is one more interrupted sleep when our little town has been able to bring in a major event for the local youth and the still young at heart?  It is exciting that such talented people agreed to come here at all.  

Happy summer!! Rock on!

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