Sunday, August 3, 2014

On Holidays

I am sitting here tonight feeling like a punctured balloon.  My husband had 3 services to do today, just arrived home from the 3rd one and realized he had forgotten to do a hospital visit he had promised himself to do before his holiday started, so out of the garage came the car again and off he went.  Now HE is the one officially on holidays and I am the one feeling completely deflated and exhausted with the lifting of the daily ministry stresses for the next month. hahaha

My husband, on the other hand, is bustling around the kitchen humming and putting his camping food together for a short climbing expedition he is going on soon.  He is whistling and making jokes.  That is how he is when he knows he has 4 weeks with no work committments. It is fantastic to see him like that again after the incredible amount of work he has had to do in the past few months.

Well, he sort of has no work committments......actually we are both giving up his first day of holidays tomorrow to complete and fold and stamp and address a mass parish letter that has to go out right away before we do our holiday thing.  It is going to be a good day because we are giving up our day voluntarily to do it and there is no time limit. As long as it is done and in the mail by the next morning we have met the deadine.  It will also be a day to get the mess in the church office cleaned up and put away so that no one else has to look at that disaster while we are on vacation.  Having a full month off makes for a good break.  Since he now gets five weeks in total we can take a week in the autumn before the snow flies and get a little break before the Advent build up to Christmas begins once again.

Tomorrow we are breakfasting with visiting friends and that is a wonderful way to begin time off from work. 

When we meet up with my highschool friend in the city in a few days time, we are meeting up in one of our favourite "old stomping grounds" for a long walk and then dinner together.  I am so excited I couldn't sleep last night. hahaha  We were such great friends and as we have been emailing each other over the past few months it is as if little has changed.  

I am thanking God for this inane little blog and the opportunity it has afforded me to be sought and found by several old friends I haven't been in touch with for years. Sometimes life is very good indeed. 

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