Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Once a Pastor, Always a Pastor

I am chuckling this morning.

My husband, who is technically still on holidays, got himself up early this morning and was out the door before 8am for the monthly ministerial breakfast.  He enjoys the fellowship with the other pastors here that much.  That is four times now he has enjoyed work related events since holidays began. haha  My husband finds it very difficult to lay his work aside even for a few short weeks to do other things.

So, I am grateful all over again for the canoe trip he is taking next week with his least one of them also a minister, so there will be lots of ministry related discussion to keep him happy. The rest of the guys are not ministers and that will help keep the conversation from becoming too top heavy with theology and philosophy.  

O dear husband, I wish you a happy morning with your colleagues and also a joyous afternoon of more cleaning in the garage.  I am determined you are going to complete one house chore this summer and that is the one it is going to be.  Once it is done I will happily assist you in cataloguing your various sermons and old school papers so that we can get the boxes of papers out of the kitchen, but that will be an all autumn project.  So glad you found them out in the garage after wondering for the past 4 years where they could have disappeared to. hahaha  

I love my husband. I do not love the pack rat qualities or absent mindedness he can't seem to get over.  However, they do provide for some interesting searches in interesting places.  We are going to have to contact the berry farm in the next province where it seems he left his reading glasses back in July when he was there with the church women picking saskatoon berries for the pie making fundraiser.  They have not been located in any of the other towns he has been in since that time, so the berry farm is the next possibility.  Perhaps we can score a road trip together out of this if the glasses are there and we have to go and pick them up.  YES!!  I knew there had to be an up side to his more absent minded traits.

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