Thursday, August 21, 2014

Strange Events

It would appear an elderly man living in the basement of the building where my son currently resides is stealing my son's mail.  The latest letter to go missing is his grad card and gift.  I Xpress Post'd it last week and according to the Canada Post website it was delivered, as expected, 2 days later.  However my son has not seen it.  He polled the neighbours and other residents in his building and they told him about this fellow taking mail in hopes of getting the attention of the person whose mail he stole, seeking conversation as the person attempts to get his mail back.  

I am praying for my son to be able to use his considerable charm to regain custody of this latest bit of mail.  It sounds as though the elderly man involved is "not quite right in the head" these days.  Stealing someone's mail is a criminal offence, but do we really want to take an elderly man, possibly dealing with a form of dementia or mental illness, to court if my son can prove he is the one who stole the letter?  My son also dreads having to tell the landlord about this as the old fellow is poverty stricken and has likely nowhere else to go.  He and an equally elderly buddy are living in tiny quarters in the basement and doing odd jobs around the place to "earn" their space.  The landlord has a soft heart and has taken them in.

On the other hand I have wasted more money on Xpress postage and now possibly yet another stop payment on a cheque.  It is costing me a bundle to continue to risk sending my son anything of importance by mail.  Geographically I am too far away to get involved myself in trying to find out what is going on and rectify things.

So, I am praying for a good solution to occur.  My son and I both have very soft hearts toward senior citizens, no matter what condition they are in mentally and so we are both trying to decide how best to handle this situation. Recently I have had occasion to send my son 5 pieces of mail.  3 of them have gone missing.  Sigh.....

These sorts of situations make my stomach churn....on the other hand it may be some kind of significant opportunity to get this man some obviously needed help that he is not seeking on his own.  Perhaps the landlord can be prevailed upon to set up a more secure mail drop at the building.  Somewhere out there is a solution.  


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