Friday, August 29, 2014

The Invading Hordes

My husband and his friend are not the only beings that entered the rectory late last night.  While unpacking the vehicle in the dark, after a most enjoyable canoe trip, mosquitoes poured into the house as the guys opened and shut the front door while they hauled their packs and gear back into the house.

Aiiiii was an absolute invasion of the wee winged wonders.

So many came into the house that I stood on a stool just inside the front door, whacking them with a fly swatter as they gathered on the white ceiling tiles in the entryway.  I am sure my husband's friend thought I was certifiably crazy, but I can't stand mosquitoes.  I get huge welts from their bites and then scratch them too much during the night when the itching is most intense.

I whacked all the mosquitoes I could manage in the front entryway.  Then I moved into the kitchen and whacked at the the ones who had made it that far into the house.  My office and the bedroom are just off that entryway as well and during the night I was up swatting at them with a shoe as they landed on the walls and my bed blankets.  Needless to say I had a rather poor sleep, waking to that incessant and irritating buzzing noise they make when they are flying close to my ears.  This morning I discovered another batch of them in my bathroom. Everything in that room is white so they were easy to see, even when they weren't in flight.

It is now mid afternoon and I seem to have located and destroyed the majority of the little creatures.  My husband and I also rooted out some spiders that came in with the camp gear, but no doubt I will continue to find a few of those over the next several days as they know how to stay well hidden inside the house.

Getting back to what is actually important about the return of the canoeists: they had a marvellous time, ate too much, teased each other unmercifully about anything and everything. stayed healthy other than an hour's bout my husband had with a reaction to eating the skin on a yellow zucchini when he knows better than to ingest zucchini skins.  The weather was perfect, there were more mosquitoes in our house last night than they saw along their outdoor route, the one long portage they had to do was survivable and they learned quite a bit about what happens when you take too much unnecessary gear in a canoe!

They particularly enjoy the food and wine pairings that they do for the evening meals.  As always it was a great time for a group of diverse men with otherwise very different interests and professions. 

My husband is exhausted and napping this afternoon. I am so glad he has a few more days before he has to return to work....although he has to finish an article for the SaskAnglican newspaper that is due this evening and respond to some work emails that require immediate attention. But these will only take this afternoon and evening to complete and then he is free again until after the Labour Day weekend.

Sleep on, happily exhausted husband.

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