Sunday, August 24, 2014

Thus Beginneth the Final Packing Up

My husband's friend has arrived and seemed to enjoy the very plain dinner he got here tonight.  His wife is a fabulous cook so I decided there was no way I could keep up with her amazing skills anyway and didn't try.  If nothing else, he was very polite about it.

Now the men are packing up the last of the bits and pieces of necessary gear such as a repair kit in case a sleeping bag or packsack bursts a seam.  I would personally feel better if they were taking some kind of repair kit in case a canoe bursts a seam, but what the hey.....I am only the non-canoeist and what do I know, right?

I am looking at our friend's vehicle and wondering, as I stare at the great pile of "stuff" that is all ready in the car and then at the other pile sitting in our front entry until morning, how they are going to get the other 3 piles of gear into this vehicle when they rendezvous with the other guys in the morning.  Note to self: Not My Problem!!!

Apparently I have been relieved of breakfast duty at 6am tomorrow. Neither of these 2 enjoys breakfast until they have been up for at least an hour, so off to the next town for a fast food brekkie along the way.

They are so tired all ready from the planning, packing and weeks' worth of excitement.  For me this whole trip of theirs is at the crossroad between cuteness and annoyance.  I am glad it is finally happening and I will enjoy the tales of their adventures when my husband gets home again, but for now I just want them to get going so I can get to my own work for the week.  Today was a marathon for me of sewing buttons on camping shirts, helping search for missing but necessary items and making meals at odd times for my husband based around what he had to do today to finish getting ready, setting up the emergency contacts and the route maps for the other wives "just in case" there is an emergency out on the water later this week. It is only an hour after supper dishes and I am pooped out from HIS trip. haha  When it is time for the canoe trip there is no other source of discussion or interest for nearly a week ahead of time.

There...I think I have decided to go with "cute" and leave any thoughts of "annoyance" toward these guys' antics at the crossroad.

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