Saturday, August 30, 2014

Work and the Autumn Season

I am looking forward to tagging along with my husband on some of his work related jaunts this autumn.  He starts back to work this coming week and is only in the parish for a few days before heading off on other Diocesan related business.  I get to tag along on the trip.  We get paid mileage, hotel and meals, so that is a lovely perk and I will also get to meet people I haven't had a chance to meet before.

A couple of weeks later it will be time to head to clergy conference, Diocesan Council, a centennial anniversary for one of the parishes in our deanery and the final training session with the bishop and our deacon before the man's ordination to the full priesthood.  I get to go along to help with the long drive and spend that entire week in our last city of residence, visiting friends and reaquainting myself with a place that has seen some changes since I was last there.

I am praying we have a nice autumn season, Indian summer, that we have at least a couple of months left to us before the snow begins to fall once again.  The summer has flown by this year and all ready we have to start thinking about how to prepare once again for ice and drifting and bad roads.  

How I wish the winter months would seem to pass as quickly as the spring and summer months do.

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