Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Happy Phone Call

There are few tasks I detest more than the weekly (or more often) cleaning of the bathrooms!  That is what I am doing this morning, in between fielding phone calls about church related events.

I just got a VERY happy phone call that will give me lots of joy as I begin cleaning bathroom #2.  My husband called me to say he is having a fantastic time climbing mountains.  He found an old pay phone this morning between the campground and the trail head and since it is still in service he just wanted to call and say hello and that all is well, great weather, good climbing conditions.  He sounded happier and healthier than he has in weeks.

The spot tracker report that his buddy sends out to each of the wives is also a grand thing to have. If they were to go missing the searchers would have some clue of the general latitude and longitude positions.  

For mountain climbers who are out of cell phone range, having a pay phone near the camp ground is excellent use of older technology, while the spot tracker and gps systems are a great use of the new....especially for anxious family members sitting at home concerned about bears and other mountain dangers.

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