Sunday, October 26, 2014

A New Buddy For a Pleasant Sunday Afternoon

Church went amazingly well today.  The flow of the music, prayers and responses fit beautifully together with the words I felt I had been given for the sermon, so it was relaxing to have God firmly in control of things instead of myself.

As I was eating my lunch at home afterward I noticed a large white doggy tail wagging out in the middle of the side yard, so I put down my sandwich and went to investigate.  

Our side yard has a gap in the fence and sometimes an animal will follow its nose or another animal through that gap and then not be able to find its way back out of the yard.  That seemed to be the case today with an hilarious dog.

He was delighted when I came outside onto the deck.  His bushy tail was wagging and his body quivering with excitement when I spoke to him.  What a cutie patootie!  I know nearly zero about breeds of dog unfortunately. This fellow was pure white, medium sized and short haired other than the bushy tail. He looked like a cross that included a "Bill Sykes dog" from the movie "Oliver". He had one bright blue eye, one black eye, one droopy ear and a dew rag tied around his neck.  He was adorable.  When I came out and started to pet him he started dancing about, then led me to the gate in our 7 foot high fence, obviously wanting me to let him out again, (which I did, but not until I took some time to pat him some more and just enjoy his friendly nature).

It is always a bit of a let down to come home from church and be all alone for the rest of the day, so the presence of that funny, friendly, tail wagging dog was a big treat on a slow moving afternoon.

Spending a bit of time with him this afternoon will give me something new to talk about at dinner tonight.  One of our dear couples from the church, both in their 90's are picking me up and taking me out to a restaurant this evening. They are such fun.  It will make the time not only go quickly but with joy while I wait for my husband to return home after his busy weekend of seminars.  He called this morning to say it is going extremely well and he is very very happy.  It is not always easy for ministers to keep pumping out sermons and other talks week after week without some new and interesting input from others like he is getting this weekend.  I can't believe how quickly this 3 days has gone by...until this afternoon. Seems that when I am eagerly awaiting my husband's return home, the closer it gets to his arrival the more the time seems to drag.

Got a lovely email from a friend in Roman Catholic seminary. He is going to be here in the area in a couple of weeks and wants to see us for the first time since his seminary journey began.  How exciting...and getting together with him ensures that a good meal with decent wine is a given!  YIPPEE!!

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