Thursday, October 23, 2014

But I'm Not Jealous!!

My hair dresser told me today that she has begun a project for herself as a break away from child rearing and hair styling.  She has joined the local roller derby group.

Oooh, I am so envious! I freely admit it.

When I was 18 I was old enough to join the roller derby group in my home city. Roller derby in those days was far more rough and tumble than it is today with the newer rules for women, but I wanted very much to participate.  I started that summer to go to the local rollerskating rink to practise the skating techniques, practise falling down without injuring myself too badly, doing exercises in preparation for my hopeful acceptance into the group that autumn.

I didn't tell anyone I was doing it.  My family had no idea and I was not dumb enough to tell my parents as that would have been the end of it right there.  By the end of Sept. I felt more than ready to apply to join up.

A month later I had the accident that resulted in my hip being broken and that was the end of my roller derby dream.  Sigh......that was a tough loss for me.

Now I can live my dream vicariously through the local roller derby club and my friend's involvement. She is still training and won't be skating against the other clubs until January, but I can't wait to go and watch her and the rest of the club.  

Yay, a sport done locally that I truly enjoy!  A sport for adults!! 


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