Monday, October 27, 2014

'Bye 'Bye Beautiful Indian Summer

By 11pm yesterday our wonderful Indian summer weather had come to an end.  A coating of  freezing rain had covered every outdoor surface and a couple of centimeters of snow lay on top of the grass and tree branches.  

This morning it all remains just as it was last night.  The highways are struggling with icy surfaces this morning and there isn't much sound of traffic coming from the street that runs past our house, apart from the school buses. 

Our temperature is to hover around the 0 mark all day and dip down below again tonight.  And thus endeth our lovely autumn.  We knew it was coming but denial is a marvellous coping mechanism before reality strikes with a vengeance.

On the plus side: by tomorrow we should have a high temperature of +3C and the daily highs should be  up to +5C by the end of the week.  After today there is no more snow predicted for awhile.  If that is true then my husband's last long road trip for awhile that happens later this week, should go smoothly.

I am sad because my outdoor walks have come to an end until spring unless this ice melts off for a few days between now and the next snow.  Once again I am so grateful that our large church hall and sanctuary are right next door and I can wander around in there creating walking patterns around the pews and tables and chairs for long periods of time each day.  If the "scenery" is less than fascinating at least my mind is free to think interesting thoughts.

At church yesterday when we realized the forecast was for snow by today we were commenting on how blessed we all feel that we got an "extra" month of autumn weather this year to make up for the lousy spring.  While the dreary grey skies and icy streets and snow piles make us feel kind of  BLAH, we all expressed great gratitude that it has taken this long for the weather to change.  

My husband was so cheery when he got home last night from the weekend of Diocesan seminars.  He enjoyed the fellowship so much with his colleagues and friends, there was a good turnout to the seminar he was co-teaching and he had good sleeps that refreshed him greatly.  He enjoyed travelling with his newly ordained assistant priest and visiting friends the night before the seminars in our former town of residence.  He and his assistant arrived back here nearly 2 hours before the freezing rain and snow began so that was a definite answer to prayer.

Today I slept in for an hour because I had a somewhat late night snack yesterday.  Now it is after 9am and my husband is still sleeping in.  It is his day off so we have decided we have to stop answering phones and checking even personal emails on those days.  So, I had best sign off and shut down for now.  I want to honour his day off by eliminating as many sources of possible stress as I can.

Enjoy Monday everybody! I know I am going to even with the bad weather.

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