Sunday, October 5, 2014

Church Service Cuteness!

Today one of our scripture passages was read by a young person who had not seen the word "Pharisee" before.  In the midst of the nervousness that came from reading to the congregation for the first time, the word came out "parasite".  hahahaha  How cute is that??!

It is so delightful that a person that young wanted to read in the service.  Who cares about a word or 2 that isn't just right compared to the enthusiasm of the person reading?  It was a great morning at church in every way.


bullwinkle said...
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bullwinkle said...

That is funny, and cool (young person in
an Anglican church service is wonderful)
When I were a young lad (Yorkshire accent)
I went to a number of Bible studies
at our small Anglican Church in
Chemainus, when it came my turn to
read, the passage included the term
"girdle" for belt. I had trouble being
able to read it, not because I couldn't,
but because it didn't make sense that
a man was wearing women's underwear...
Hahaha - the mind of a teenager. :)

Penny said...

it is a reminder that for a "newbie" to biblical pronunciation there are many words that are not easy to even sound out.....and I think that it would be even more difficult if KJV or NKJV would be even tougher to cope with.

Kudos to this young person for wanting to read.....many you continue to encourage said young person so that he/she will continue!

Susan said...

One thing any young person is guaranteed when they come to service is that they will be invited to participate in some way. We have a 2 year old that regularly takes up the offering and he also joins the priests in bowing before the altar at the end of the service. He loves church because he doesn't have to just sit around bored when there is no Sunday school. Being able to actively engage the kids and youth in the actual service has been very good for our parish.