Sunday, October 19, 2014

Home At Last

We arrived home last night rather late after a most productive weekend away.  Our deacon is now fully priested and will be ready to take his own parish once there is a suitable one available for him.  As much as I have enjoyed all the travelling over the past few weeks, I have to stay home now for a couple of months and get my diet back on track.  Too many restaurant meals during that time, despite being as strict as possible in what I order, have resulted in too much fat and sodium, so my liver is all ready starting to react.  Time to slow down, take over my own cooking again and relax more.

Tomorrow I will blog more about the weekend's events....after going to the 'flu' clinic for a shot...after getting some paper work completed....after sending in some required information to the diocesan office........after.......well, I'll get to writing eventually. Yawn......zzzzzzzzz

PS did you know that bleaching and ironing albs and purificators is a pain in the butt?  Also, not the most fun way to spend a Sunday evening! hahaha

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