Friday, October 31, 2014

Mouse in the House! the garage actually....3 trapped in the past 10 days.  It has happened since I put the run on the cats in our yard.  So, unless I find them actually up on the deck or drinking out of the bird bath, I'm not going to scare the cats away any more.  Sorry dear birdie buddies, but you are going to have to fend for yourselves for the next while until the mice have found other places to live for the winter.  As I tossed another dead mouse, the trap and a pair of disposable gloves into the garbage bin again this morning I realized just how many mice the neighbourhood cats have likely been eating.  So, to keep the balance of nature in check...or at least out of my garage....the cats can stay.

The annual Halloween parade of cutie patooties has begun for another year.  I had my first trick 'n' treaters at 4:07pm.  Hopefully I won't have more than the 20 max I have prepared for.  Once again I find myself living in a house that is farther back from the sidewalk than any other house on the street, hidden by trees on one side and a large church building on the other.  It is easy for the kids to race right past us on their quest for tooth rot and miss us completely, even with our dim light peering out into the darkness from above the front stoop.  

The littlest tots are darned cute and obviously have no clue what is going on, but they are game for anything as long as there is candy involved....and mom or dad standing right behind them in case they get scared.  I always pray an extra prayer Halloween night for their safety and for the church, our rectory and garage and all the church property to be free of vandalism as there is a strong anti-Christian sentiment right now among some of the town's older teens.  How I wish I could talk with them all, find out where their hatred is rooted and help them heal. Generally someone in a church has hurt them and they are acting out.  I can relate all too well, but Jesus is a fantastic and thorough healer.

My 3km walk this morning was in warmer weather than the past 2 days but I am wishing I could have waited and gone this afternoon when the biting wind finally started to die down and the high temperature reached a balmy +12C.  I did get some necessary grocery shopping done though and got to the hospital lab as required.  It made for a great circle loop of the town and I enjoyed it.  Felt like I was really being sneaky by getting in another circuit before the ice and snow.

Yesterday evening I decided I am tired of dusting ornaments.  This is a large house with lots of room for such things so every ornament I own has been out on display since we arrived here.  I dug a couple of boxes out of the garage, bubble wrapped all the ornaments, framed photos and small art works that have been sitting around for the past 5 years collecting dust, wiped them all down again and packed them up.  When the time is right I will haul them all out and rearrange them, but for now I am sick of looking at them, tired of the constant cleaning in this dusty town and in need of a visual break from the same old same old.  I left my pottery bowls out and the art up on the walls but my shelves and side tables are presently gloriously naked!!  Dusting next week will be a breeze!!  I even put a few knick-knacks into a box for the "Salvation Armani".  They are nice ornaments but I have had them for years and they no longer have any meaning or appeal, nice as they are and despite how much I enjoyed them for the first few years.  Some of my Japanese souvenirs met the same fate.  There are other people around to whom they will be new and fresh and fun and those are the people who should have them. 

Now I have to convince my husband that since we will never have another Christmas tree, our Christmas ornaments and decorations can also be given to the thrift store.  They also are in grand condition and someone with kids and a tree should be enjoying them.  I have an overwhelming need to downsize as I stand back and look at how we have filled up this huge house with new unnecessary items just over the past 5 years, let alone hanging onto all the older but equally unnecssary items we brought with us from the last town.  

So that is my big project for the next week or so....getting rid of more things we simply don't need or appreciate the way we used to and letting other people have some fun enjoying them. It feels good and very freeing to let go of beloved old objects that have brought me such calm during past stresses. I am a very visual person so photos, art and pottery, ornaments etc. bring me peace in times of storm.  I also have a short attention span and my interest in some of my past peace givers has waned.  Time to send them to new homes.

My husband will be home in a few hours from his Archdeacons' retreat.  I told him what I was doing when he contacted me last night and he said  he is inspired to do some turfing out of his own next week on his day off.  I will be thrilled to help him carry through on that noble thought that will never come to fruition without just a bit of help from yours truly.  Do I know this man? This packrat of mine?  O I do indeed!!  

I am good at pitching and tossing so have been asked numerous times by friends to help them get the courage to downsize.  It is time once again to practise what I preach!

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