Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My First Real Diabetic Diet Temptation??

The other day I purchased a bar of Lindt wasabi flavoured chocolate for my husband to try, only to discover he tried it on one of his camping trips this summer and doesn't care for it at all.  I read the nutrition label this afternoon and thought I could certainly get away with trying one small square with only 4grams of carb, 3 of them refined sugar.

One big problem: of all the bits of dessert I have tried in the past year, none of which I really care to ever taste again, this one is the first exception.  I LOVE wasabi chocolate!!!!  Just in case it becomes a temptation I can't overcome well in the coming weeks, I have put the rest of the bar out of sight and hopefully by tomorrow out of mind as well.  

I am not a great fan of wasabi and find it difficult to have to eat it on sushi, although I do eat it on any sort of sashimi for safety's sake, but the mix with the dark chocolate is the perfect blend of warmth and sweetness. O my my my....delicious.

This is my first true temptation....may it soon dissipate and also end up being the last!!

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