Thursday, October 23, 2014

O Canada

Our country's population is still reeling today after two terrorist attacks in as many days, one in Quebec and one in Ontario.

Yesterday a convicted felon, recently converted to Islam for the apparent purpose of launching attacks on the Canadian military as an act of terrorism or wannabe terrorism after being denied the ability to travel internationally, invaded our national parliament buildings.  He killed a soldier on guard duty at the national war memorial and injured security staff while our politicians and their aides scrambled for safety. He was eventually shot and killed by security police.

The news channels are filled with the usual analysis (sorry folks, but in my opinion "analysis" is NOT news, only the sound of opinions flowing freely from media types who have been assigned to fill air time but have not been given any new information to share) and the released facts have been sparse to date.  "Joe Canadian" has not been given much information about what actually is going on and how the situation is being handled.

However, despite a lack of information to go on, I actually have only one question and that is:  WHY ARE WE SO SHOCKED THAT THIS OCCURRED HERE?

Over the past few years, particularly under the leadership of our current Prime Minister, Canada has exchanged its traditional military role as internationsl peace keeper to one of active combat overseas.  Our soldiers are being slaughtered in ugly wars in other countries. Our role in international war is not much different now than that of our southern neighbours, so why o why should we be so shocked when our own country receives the same type of fall out from terrorists that is being experienced there?

While the two incidents of terrorism here did not have the splashy pizzazz of the United States' horrific 9/11 disaster, I personally find them even more frightening.  Micro-terrorism is not as difficult to perform.  Murdering a soldier or politician or two, here and there and who knows where else, is not that difficult.  It requires minimal planning and expense in comparision to what happened down south.  It is much easier to execute. (pun intentional)

I hope we will not be naive as a nation.  We have been seemingly immune to the types of tragedies and disasters that have been occuring around us for decades, but now we have lost our international "good reputation" as peace keepers and we can expect to reap the consequences.

O Canada, what have you done to yourself?

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