Thursday, October 16, 2014

On the Road Once More

It seems we have barely arrived home from Thanksgiving travels and we are heading out again in the morning for a couple of days.  Wow...does it ever end???  For my husband that would be a NO!  Next weekend he is gone again to teach at a Diocesan seminar weekend and then a couple of weeks later he has to hope and pray for good weather to drive far away for an Archdeacon's retreat.  I continue to hope and pray along with him for that good weather, particularly for dry roads!!

We have to get to 2 cities tomorrow, one for Communion wine and to pick up our scissors from the sharpening shop where we left them WEEKS ago. I assume they will still be there after all this time.  It is going to mean lunch in a very nice restaurant so that is always a nice thing for us.  I am not sure why we both enjoy eating out so much.  My husband didn't grow up with that and my family ate out so often it shouldn't be such a great treat for me at this stage of my life.  O well, it is going to be fun!

We were able to secure a lovely room in our favourite hotel in city #2. The rates have certainly gone down with the end of the summer season upon us.  I wish we could loll around in the morning until check out time and enjoy it, as that would line us up perfectly to get my husband to the ordination luncheon and rehearsal on time, but we have to back track about a half hour up the highway to the acreage of some former parishioners. They would like Dell to do a house blessing for them and that is always a fun ceremony.  I am grateful that once we get back to the city there is a good coffee bar/restaurant near the church for me to go to for my lunch until it is time for the ordination service to begin.

It is going to be rather late when we get home that night.  Driving that many hours in the dark is a bit daunting due to the amount of wildlife on the roads.  There are so many deer, moose and prong horned goats out at dusk and for the first hour after dark that it makes for a rather stressful trip, peering through the darkness into the ditches and surrounding fields for the tell tale flashes of wild animal eyeballs reflecting in the headlights of the car. It also amazes me how many inebriated drivers this province still boasts of on the highways despite all the education available and the high cost of police fines these days.

Up and early the next morning to do our regular round of church services, so hopefully we can both collapse in the afternoon....after a series of hospital visits that should have been done earlier this week if there had been time.  

Does this ministry ever slow down???  Apparently not...but we can at least say we are never bored or looking for something to do!!!

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