Friday, October 3, 2014

Simple Solution for Daily Living #2

Since we moved into this house it seems that, despite the size of the house, the bedroom closets are too small to accommodate our clothes and shoes.

I solved the shoe problem by purchasing a small shoe rack, but my clothes have been crammed in every which way.  Almost every morning I have had to leave extra time in my schedule to iron whatever I planned to wear.  With the onset of winter there have been extra suit jackets and heavy sweaters jammed in the closet, competing with the pants and blouses and teeshirts for sufficient space.

This morning I had to get up and dressed in a hurry.  We had surprise overnight guests who needed to get back on the road to their next destination rather early and they wanted to take us out for breakfast first.  I nearly made us all late by having to iron a pair of jeans before I could dress and leave.

That was the last straw.  After breakfast I headed over to our teeny tiny WallyWorld and located a metal clothes rack, purchased it, returned home to put it together and hauled every sweater and suit coat out of the closet to hang on the new rack.  The rack is completely full as I had to buy a fairly small one that would fit along the empty wall space in the bedroom. What a difference it has made to the rest of the clothes remaining in the closet.  This afternoon I got the iron going and pressed everything that was left in there.  What a treat to have actual open space between each item of clothing. No more daily ironing, no more wrinkles to worry about every day when it is time to get dressed.

Such a simple solution and for only $21.95 plus tax!  First the hair and then the head has been in too much of a fog over the past couple of years to even think of any options for solving the little issues of living, let alone actually discovering solutions and following them up.

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